Mats Rosen KI

My name is Mats Rosen and right now I’m working as Academic Director for Kunskapsskolan India. I came to India three and a half years ago to help start a chain of Kunskapsskolan schools in India. I’ve been working as an educator for more than thirty years, twenty of these as Principal. The last fourteen years I’ve chosen to stay with Kunskapsskolan because of the progress and development I’ve seen with our students. Understanding that every child is equal but unique with different talents and different ways of developing and learning.

At Kunskapsskolan, children will develop the ability to set up tough, challenging goals in different subjects and with the help, guidance and coaching of a teacher combined with hard work, will be able to achieve these goals. This effort gives the student joy, pride and self-confidence. With a growing self-confidence soon you will see students taking on more and more challenging tasks and after some time reach further than they thought possible.

After the success of Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon and seeing the first school’s growing waiting lists I’m happy to be part of starting our second school in Gurgaon: Kunskapsskolan International. The campus of more than 7 acres and the concept of day boarding gives us an opportunity to offer strong programs of sports, life skills and visual and performing arts. As a former top level swim coach it makes me particularly happy to be able to offer an international top swim program in the school.