Is your child prepared to face the complex world he inhabits?  Is your child Socio Emotionally strong , well adjusted and aware?
Come and be part of an interactive workshop on how to enhance the EQ (Emotional Quotient) of your child and make them Emotionally Intelligent. This workshop will among other things cover:

– Parental influence on social and emotional development of children
– Social-emotional learning – What is it and why it matters.
– Social-emotional literacy- Raising strong, caring children
Workshop Facilitated by: 
1. Sunitha Nambiar (COO – Kunskapsskolan India Schools)
2. Gayathri Ananth

About Gayathri Ananth: She is a qualified personal counsellor and a master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). She specializes in child and adolescent counselling. She coaches parents on physical, mental and psycho-social development of children and has conducted workshops on various topics ranging from mindful parenting, child nutrition and mental health, child development and wellness, Holistic management of ADHD and many more.
She is also the founding and leading member of a group called “The Vigilant Citizen(TVC)” . 
She is an MBA in finance from the University of Mumbai and has a had a long stint in the financial industry prior to taking on this role.Please fill in the attached Google Doc Link to Register for the Event:
Registration is free!!

Event date :  4th December, 2016


Event time :  11 am to 1 pm

Venue :  Atta Galata 134, KHB Colony, 5tth Block, Koramangala,Bengaluru

For more information write to us at or call us on 8130618383