Celebrating Nobel Week at Kunskapsskolan Bengaluru with Theme “Krigare” – Warrior

They say that life is a war-field; and the recent times have proved the adage to be phenomenally true. We have suffered losses- emotional, physical, material- and our children weren’t spared from any bit of the wrath and fury. But along with the losses, came a sliver of silver lining as well- we rediscovered gratitude, resilience, and empathy within us. The pandemic had not only made us aware of the warriors around us; it had also made us cognizant of the warrior in each one of us. And when we started thinking about an apt theme for the Nobel Week this year, “warrior” (krigare’) flashed into our minds almost unanimously. For those of you for whom the term Nobel Week rings new- it’s a week-long celebration of the traits that are elemental to Nobel laureates-namely, perseverance, resilience, innovation, and creativity. Our KED learners immerse themselves in the discipline of their choice for an in-depth pursuance and understanding of a concept which they then showcase through a medium or genre of their preference (fine arts, performing arts, experimentation, story-telling, case study and etc). We being a Swedish school, take pride in our heritage of the most prestigious award- the Nobel Prize, and the Nobel Week is our way of glorifying the virtues that the award symbolizes. So, overcoming the arduous stint of online schooling and the challenges of transitioning to a hybrid model post that, our KED team presented a series of innovative scientific experiments; they plunged into analyzing and creating critical lyrics and haikus; they challenged the conventionalism of fairy tales and wrote their own tales based on realism; they researched on women pioneers across all eras and glorified them as icons of courage. And they did all of this with an indomitably happy spirit. We can’t help but bask in pride of our little warriors. We know that we are setting them on the right path of life.

-Jayeeta Ganguly

Kunskapsskolan, Bengaluru