Coaching and Goal setting- A Student’s Perspective

Coaching and Goal setting- A Student’s Perspective

Coaching is a 15-minute session conducted for every learner, individually, once a week by the base group coach. During the coaching session, the teacher and student discuss the student’s well-being, studies, behaviour, etc.

The main focus of the coaching sessions is to guide students through different situations that they face in their daily lives. Students can share different challenges they are facing whether related to academics, their peers, or even related to their personal life.

Not only does a student benefit from these sessions but a teacher can also learn more about the student and help them work on opportunity areas and challenge them to become a better version of themselves.

During the coaching session, the student shares the goals set for the coming week and he/she creates a plan of action with the base group coach’s support.

While the student is sharing the goals they have planned to achieve by the end of the week the teacher listens and after the student has finished, the teacher either makes recommendations or suggests an alternative strategy. They encourage students to push themselves harder for a better result.

Personally, the coaching sessions have helped me a lot throughout the years that I have been with Kunskapsskolan. They have helped me reflect on myself and improve on my blind spots, challenge myself, and overcome those challenges.