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Personalised learning, integrating opportunities to explore and dive deeper, goal setting and coaching conversations – all the efforts are worth the time when you see your learners find their path. Exhilarated to share the college placement of Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon learners across the world.

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Grade XII Result 2020-2021

As another extraordinary year comes to an end , we are extremely proud to announce our Grade XII learners have secured overall excellent results along with outstanding performance in the bouquet of subjects offered at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon.

The school average for the best of 5 subjects is 88 % and the best of 4 is 90%.


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Safety Measures for School re-opening post Covid Pandemic

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Grade XII Result 2019-2020

Our Grade XII learners at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon have succeded in  achieving their academic goals and their subject scores is a true yardstick of the Swedish KED program’s ability to align with national curriculum.
Heartiest congratulation to all the subject toppers and their teachers at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon – Batch of 2020

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Grade X Results 2019-2020

The KED Program at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon is tailored to prepare the global generations to navigate transitions by taking ownership to reach their goals. The journey is aimed to be an academically enriching and personally satisfying experience. Through personalised learning which is fostered through the KED program, our 3rd batch of Grade X students have done exceedingly well in all subjects. Congratulations to all the achievers! We are proud of each and every one!

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Grade X results 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

The second batch of Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon students sat for their Grade 10 Board Examinations this year.

We are proud to announce that 100% of students have passed the Examinations and also that no student has scored below 60%. Over 68% of the batch has scored a distinction.
The school average is 80%.

Suhani Chowdhary has topped the school with an aggregate of 94%.

We also have students who have scored high marks in different subjects.

They are:

  1. Mathematics: 100% Arpit Dua
  2. English: 96% Suhani Chowdhary
  3. Social Science: 96% Suhani
  4. Science: 97% Khushi Nigam
  5. 2nd Language: 96% Mrinalini Bhargava
  6. FIT: 95% Dhruv Bheda & Arpit Dua

Congratulations to all our students and team members for all the hard work. We are very proud of you!

Warm regards,

Sabreena Talwar

(Head Of School)

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