1. What is Kunskapsskolan?

Kunskapsskolan is a privately-owned Swedish organisation that owns and operates 35 ( 2019) schools in Sweden and is the sponsor behind the Learning Schools Trust and its Academies in United Kingdom. Kunskapsskolan is also the owner and developer of the Kunskapsskolan Educational (KED) Program, which is the comprehensive program for
personalised education in all Kunskapsskolan’s schools. Kunskapsskolan provides and licenses the KED Program to other schools in the world.

2. What is Kunskapsskolan Eduventures ?

Kunskapsskolan Eduventures is a joint venture between Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden AB and Gyandarshan Eduventures Private Limited. Kunskapsskolan Eduventures develops and provides Kunskapsskolan’s offer and services in India.

3. What is Kunskapsskolan, the KED Program and a KED School. What is the difference?

Kunskapsskolan is the company and also the brand name for all of the company’s schools in Sweden. Kunskapsskolan´s Educational Program is called the KED Program and is the complete program and content of
Kunskapsskolan’s schools and other schools licensed to use it. KED Schools are schools that are licensed to provide the KED program.

4. Is Kunskapsskolan a for-profit organization?

Yes. Kunskapsskolan is a private enterprise and as such depends on earning a surplus in order to raise capital and invest in its commitment to the long term development of schools and educational programs. Kunskapsskolan’s business philosophy is based on the conviction that education is an industry that will benefit from players with a long-term perspective, sound finances and stable conditions. It is also convinced that education, as any advanced knowledge industry, needs long-term investments in research, development and innovation.

5. What is the Kunskapsskolan approach to education?

The Kunskapsskolan model is based on personalised learning where students allocate their study time based on their previous educational experience as well as their individual strengths and weaknesses. This means that students, with the guidance of their coach, identify, set and work towards their own personal goals, with the ambition of achieving
high final results. Personal coaching contributes to the student's personal development with students learning to set clear, realistic, yet challenging goals for their studies. Kunskapsskolan aims for students to be able to see their own progress and personal development step by step. Students, alongside their personal coaches, can influence
how they spend their time at school. The environment in which students learn is also key to the Kunskapsskolan model of education. The purpose of architecture is to create the optimal environment for learning, through purpose-designed and multi-functional facilities for lectures, group sessions and individual studies.

6. How can Kunskapsskolan provide education in different countries? Aren´t schools very local activities that should be part of a local community and cultural heritage of the community, curriculum and country?

All Kunskapsskolan schools follow the curriculum of the operating country and adapt to the national, state or local standards, grading systems, requirements and cultures. Staff and teachers are also local, often with extensive teaching experience both locally and internationally.

All subjects in KED schools are provided and taught in a way that meets the requirements of the National curriculum and examinations in terms of content, performance, knowledge and grade requirements. At the same time, we believe that children, as all people, have a lot in common across cultural and national borders and a lot to gain from the international exchange of ideas and experiences. The schools are aiming to prepare the students for life and its challenges and the ability to thrive in a highly globalized world. We at Kunskapsskolan , therefore also think it is a great advantage for an educational organization to combine local links and traditions with experiences and exchange from and with other communities and countries.

7. How do I start a KED school?

Contact us and let us discuss and explore how we can help you.

8. What sort of schools does Kunskapsskolan operate or partner with?

Kunskapsskolan can operate or partner with any entity that shares our vision and commitment to provide a first-class education based on the concept of personalization and continuous improvement.

9. Is Kunskapsskolan´s approach experimental?

The KED Program has been developed by practitioners in real schools. The importance of goals and feedback as the power of personalization and individual learning techniques is scientifically well proven. Most of the elements, such as the personal coaching, the emphasis on goals and assessment, the learning progression and the support of IT in
education, are well known methodology that have been practiced by teachers. What makes the KED Program unique is not the different elements of the model, but rather the comprehensive way these elements come together to support the personalized learning which characterizes Kunskapsskolan.

Many previous efforts to create personalized education have been hampered by facilities designed for a different pedagogical concept or by the absence of supporting processes, resources or technology. In the KED Program, all this has been developed to support the program. Other programs for a personalised learning model have been less successful due to the fact that they have merely been used as a way of cutting down on teacher resources or have not been combined with the emphasis on assessment and accountability. The KED Program is, as it has been described by educators, what many professional teachers always tried to do and wanted to do.

10. Which students does Kunskapsskolan serve?

All of our current schools are inclusive and open to all students. The basic idea of the KED Program is to recognize each student as a unique individual with his/her own unique ambitions, talents and conditions. That approach enables the school and its staff to identify personal needs and spend their resources where they make a difference and that has proven successful with all categories of students.

11. How does Kunskapsskolan meet different national, state and local standards?

The schools follow the relevant curriculum in each location, as well as the national, state and other local standards in each market. The tools of the KED Program can be combined with the requirements of any educational setting, and are designed to support schools in their effort to meet and surpass national, state and local requirements, and
become the best performers among comparable schools.

12. How can I get in touch with Kunskapsskolan?

Call one of our offices in Sweden, United Kingdom, USA or India. Or just send us an e-mail and we´ll be in touch. Link to info@kunskapsskolan.edu.in

13. Can I apply for a position at Kunskapsskolan?

Most of our teachers and other staff members are employed nationally in the relevant markets or locally by individual schools. If you are interested in applying for a position within Kunskapsskolan, you are always welcome
to contact us or mail your resume to careers@kunskapsskolan.edu.in.