Ganga Action Plan

The Ganga action plan (GAP) was launched in 1986 by Sri Rajeev Gandhi with the main objective to treat water pollution by interception- to take measures which may prevent further deterioration of the river.


Ganga flows through the states of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and West Bengal. Ganga has self-cleaning and healing properties. It also has an antibacterial property because of the presence of bacteriophages. These bacteriophages treat pathological infections caused by bacteria. They are nothing but viruses which are known as bacteria eaters. From a scientific perspective these give the healing properties to the river which people often relate to religious side thereby calling it a holy river

In previous elections, our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi proposed an initiative to clean Ganga and set up a committee to manage the cleanliness program of the holy river.

I as a responsible citizen of this country want to propose and suggest a few strategies to clean Ganga:

  • Declare Ganga as an endangered river and have initiative and strict rules and preserve its health.
  • Keep factories away from rivers like Ganga and Yamuna etc and also ensure that all industries and factories follow waste treatment and disposal methods.
  • Don’t scatter ashes or wastes into the river
  • Don’t wash clothes in the river as detergents are used to wash the clothes which have harmful chemicals.
  • Don’t take bath and do not make animals have bath in the river.

Save Water, Save Ganga, Save Lives

Anika Chakraborty
Grade: VII – A