Kunskapsskolan India


Kunskapsskolan International curriculum – Kunskapsskolan International will follow the CBSE curriculum up to grade 6 and from grade 7 provide students the option to choose between CBSE

Day boarding – KI is a day boarding school with work hours till 4.30 pm for students for grades 1 onward. The school aims to provide students a more holistic experience and an opportunity to explore in greater depth various co-curricular activities, develop life skills and explore multiple sports.

Life skills program– Taking responsibility and building life skills is key to managing personal and professional growth and success. At Kunskapsskolan International, a comprehensive life-skills programme has been designed to empower learners with skills required to make them independent , emotionally grounded individuals.

Kiddy sports program – Exposing our very young enthusiasts to the basics of games and sports. For this the school offers special corners, turfs and surfaces to hone the young ones techniques and skills in tennis, basketball, football and swimming.

Yoga Curriculum –  Kunskapsskolan’s Yoga curriculum addresses the holistic wellness needs of students across age groups of 3+ to 17 years. First of its kind initiative, the rationale behind the programme is the emotional, social, spiritual and mental growth of students that will shape their overall personality.