“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Greetings from Kunskapsskolan International!

Session 2018-19 was marked with various activities, events, achievements, challenges, opportunities for learning and growth, thoughtful decisions and ultimate success!

KED Learning Journey:

With high expectation and academic rigour, KI started their journey through the year 2018-19. Pre-primary to middle school, our students are encouraged experiential learning to achieve academic excellence.


Our pre-primary had theme kick-off – ‘Colours In My World’, was all about expressing emotions with colours and all that colours can do, ‘shapes and patterns around us’ filled with engaging activities aimed at encouraging children to be more observant, ‘changes’, where they got a wide range of opportunities to witness changes around.

The activities and experiments like – ‘Walking Colours’- students were able to observe the concept of “absorption” and how primary colours of blue, red and yellow merged to create secondary hues of purple, orange and green. ‘Rainbow Fruit Platter’, Big bear hunt, Graffiti Painting, Sink and Float. They challenged to observe first and respond sparking the curiosity and stimulate new learning. The extended activities like ‘Nutrition Week’ provide them ample opportunity to explore various tangents under the ongoing theme, reflect upon the significance in a real-life situation.

Imadeation Lab is one of the favourites among our young learner where they create ‘shape- monsters’ or carryout ‘Pattern Hunt’, Making and wearing colourful pasta necklaces, that allowed their imagination to run free while using shapes to express without boundaries. Kindergarteners had a great time learning this story of ‘Zero the Hero’ and making their own
‘Zero Necklaces’ while learning the real value of the magical Zero. Adding another tangent to the learning of shapes – triangle is an introduction to the traffic signs and some common signs and their meanings (‘left curve ahead’, ‘right curve ahead’, ‘U-turn’, ‘narrow road ahead’, ‘school ahead’, ‘men at work’ and many more). The ‘changes’ are observed as the little ones watched cubes of ice melt in their hands, water in a vaporiser converting into steam, a candle melting, change in shadows as light changes. Various stations have been set up for them to observe exciting changes such as milk to paneer, incense sticks (agarbatti) to fragrant fumes and ash, raw to poached egg and melting crayons, making slime in their favourite colours and watching corn kernels popping into fluffy and yummy popcorn. These
learning experience not only provide fun-filled sensory experience but also contributes to sensory-motor development.

Our Learning extension activities with an ongoing theme, not only help to revisit their learning but also serves as a platform to work in partnership and share working space with their friends. One such example- during the theme ‘Shapes and Patterns’, the nursery children came together to collaboratively create a shape effigy of Ravana, who is synonymous with the Indian festival Dussehra. These activities are an excellent opportunity
for integrated learning.

Dramatics is an opportunity to meet their favourite character – Elmer; who is the patchwork elephant, a famous literary character in children’s literature created by the renowned author David McKee or take up the role play of the story – ‘The Enormous Turnip’. This activity encouraged friendship through co-operation, listening, teamwork, empathy towards
others, language, movement skills and turn taking.

The children concluded their theme with in-class presentations. It was a sheer delight to watch the Pre-nursery, Nursery and Kindergarten kids confidently showcase their learning to their parents. The children also made a fantastic sports presentation involving yoga and even a colour-based sports activity. Ballet, which is part of our life skills programme, was
also performed at the theme presentation event.

Primary and Middle School

Theme Visits are an integral part of our learning journey, and our curious KI explorer stated off their learning journey visiting Gargoti Museum, Science Fair, Nehru Planetarium, Traffic Training Park, Heritage Transport Museum, Sanskriti Museum to name a few.

Gargoti Museum – Grade 4 students visited the Gargoti Museum, India’s only gem and
mineral museum and housed the largest and the most exquisite collection of Indian Zeolite
minerals and crystals of the world. They are enlightened about different types of rocks and
minerals as an extension of their learning of theme’ Natural Resources 2′.

National Science Centre – Grades I and II students visited the National Science Centre in New Delhi. They explored displays like ‘Water-The Elixir of Life’, ‘The Magic Mirror’ and ‘The Maze’ along with topics varying from water conservation to its depletion, health hazards of water pollution as a learning extension of their theme’ Health and Hygiene’.

Nehru Planetarium – Grade 3 students, visited the Nehru Planetarium as an extension of their learning about our mysterious and enormous universe. Watching an informative show in the Sky Theatre, learning about of Rakesh Sharma, the first Indian to travel to space and visiting the Library, the official residence of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru left them to wonder more about the space.

Traffic Training Park – As an extension of Theme 3 – My Needs, the students of Grade 1 and 2 visited the Traffic Training Park at Connaught Place, New Delhi to learn about the full gamut of road safety education activities and develop themselves into responsible, alert and safe road users. The students also participated in a ‘Safety Ride Training’ in which they learnt about the correct interpretations of traffic signals and signs of a pedestrian crossing.

Heritage Transport Museum –The children of Grade 2 were taken on a guided day tour of Heritage Transport Museum in Tauru located around 20 km from Gurgaon. This museum has got a fantastic collection of all kinds of vehicles invented till date, from the 50s, 60s, 70s to the futuristic cars to be launched yet. The place has been conceptualised in such a unique and loving manner, with keen attention paid to details that tickled the imagination of the children and they spent quality 3 hours in the museum accessing all 5 levels along with movie experience in the museum’s auditorium based on the sequential evolution of all modes of transportation as well as about the importance of transportation in their lives.

Parliament House – Students of grades VI, VI and VII went on an educational tour of the precincts of the Parliament House.

Sanskriti Museum – The Grade 3 students visited the Sanskriti Museum at Anandgram. The visit was aimed to sensitise the young minds and bring about an understanding and awareness of the creative vitality of the Indian cultural and natural heritage.

Hassanpur Village – Grade 4 and 5 visited Hassanpur village to witness a panchayat session, headed by the respected Sarpanch, Mr Viredra Boken. Our students had also prepared a few questions regarding the working of Panchayats in the rural area.

Science Fair – Organised at our campus, aiming to ignite scientific knowledge in students of grades 6-8. Students presented several experiments including, testing of the acidic and basic nature of common solutions (such as hand sanitizers, vinegar, hand wash, milk and other
cleaning solutions) using the turmeric paper – a natural indicator, and creation of a water filtration system using waste material. The students explored topics like ‘soil erosion’ and ‘food components’, hands-on with their teachers. They also observed how an electrical circuit functions and also analysed the working of a hydraulic press.

Nobel Week – Our students celebrated the ‘Nobel Week’ from December 10 – 14, to commemorate the Nobel Prize Day celebrated worldwide on December 10. They were briefed about the concept of Nobel Prizes and when the teachers entered the classrooms dressed as Alfred Nobel, Mother Teresa, Mala la Yousafzai, Albert Einstein, Nadia Murad and Rabindranath Tagore the students were able to recognise the eminent personalities.

Watching the documentary, making comic strips, collage making, participating in quiz activity where they created and played Kahoot was a highlight of this learning event.

Students across grades made Nobel Medals and cutouts of Alfred Nobel, posters making after learning the meaning of the national anthem, comic strips inspired by the story of Mother Teresa and book covers based on the lives of the Nobel Prize Laureates. The highlight of the day was a dance performance presented by the girls of Grade 4 A on the song Vande Mataram.

KED Sports

KED Sports aims to increase the involvement of children in sports, teaches them to be competitive in every sphere of their life. Improved social interaction skills, increased confidence and ability to follow instructions, excellent health are all by-products of their engagement in sports activities. Apart from having fun, our students play sports to learn how to belong to a group, find excitement and gain recognition in their respective fields. Within the scope of KED Sports, students are given the option to choose two out of nine sports events – badminton, basketball, cricket, football, squash, shooting, swimming, table tennis and lawn tennis.


The pre-primary KED sports is targeted to develop motor skills, flexibility, strength, agility, fast feet, balance and teamwork. Students are engaged in various sports and games including yoga, coordination and balancing sessions, frog jump, sprint, string-the-taily, caterpillar race, creepy playable race and many more as a part of their curriculum. These exercises help to improve stability and prevent the child from stumbling or falling. They
were also taught breathing exercise and how to meditate. Swimming is one of the most loved KED sport among young KI members. From necessary swimming skills to take a plunge in our bigger pool, jumping from different heights helped our little ones to overcome their initial fear of water.

Primary and Middle School

KED sports programme is a 2 sports capsules of six weeks duration. Each sports capsule culminate with the ‘skill presentation’, where parents and teachers can be present to witness the progress made by the student.

Soccer: As part of KED Sports, our players are trained in the essential skills of dribbling, passing, receiving, throwing, and goalkeeping in ‘match-like situations’. Students are regularly practising ‘quick feet drill’ to improve their reaction time and to decrease their reaction time while attempting to grab a ‘common ball’. Grade 1 mostly practised how to control and run with the ball, Grades 2, 3 and 4 focused on an essential technique of dribbling and working on the small-sided game. Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 practised for matches, along with the techniques passing and dribbling with triangle and square drill while mastering the technique of long kick.

Swimming: Grade 1 learned the ‘Grab Start’ technique, which was divided into stance, take- off, flight, entry. Grades 2, 3 and 4 are learning to play the water polo game with much enthusiasm. Grades 5, 6 and 7 are regularly practising the techniques of water polo game during their swimming sessions along with ‘push pass’, and ‘flip turn’ as advanced level skills.

Cricket: Budding cricketers from grade 1 were trained on ‘back lift, ‘forward drive’ and ‘front foot defense’ focusing on to increase their batting efficiency. Students across Grades 2, 3 and 4 practicing the art of batting stance, followed by batting grip practice for matches. Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 students are being taught the tactics of swing and pace bowling, net training and ‘front foot defense’.

Basketball: Grade 1students are learnt to control the ball, dribble the ball with the toe and techniques of ‘hard dribble’. Grades 2, 3 and 4 focused on various methods of ball handling and practising with the pivot. Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 students learnt different types of movements with the ball, dribble and stop, the ‘start and stop’ method of the game.

Gymnastics: Students were thrilled to learn how to ‘balance’ and ‘walk ‘on a beam and practise the balancing beam postures.

Shooting: The students were taught to master the skills of shooting by practising the challenging position of ‘standing’ and aiming at the ‘target object’. Students are trained on ‘bladed stance’ in which the ‘weak-side’ shoulder faces the target. Students across Grades 2, 3 and 4 have practised the techniques of rifle shooting in a sitting posture and ‘rifle recoil’. Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 students learn the follow through of rifle shooting, breathing stance along with firing.

Lawn Tennis: Grade1 was taught the eight phases of forehand drive (grip, the ready position stage, the preparation, drop, the acceleration, the swing, contact and extension and follow through) with correction drills. Grades 2, 3 and 4; practised the forehand drive (with racket feeding), backhand indirect volley with the help of a net to achieve better consistency. Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 students exercise the tactics of handling forehand wide ball which enables the player to cover the court when the opponent hits a wide shot, return of serve and movement smash.

Squash: Students were trained on ‘hand-eye coordination’ by balancing the balls on their squash rackets, which also helps to strengthen the muscle. ‘Ball control drills’, ‘forehand drive’ and many more techniques are practised.

Table Tennis: Grade 1 players were taught the techniques of forehand drive by focusing on the four phases of stance, backswing, strike and also finish ‘Forehand Counter hit’. Grades 2, 3 and 4 students learnt the art of forehand counter-rally, forehand and backhand sequence drill and forehand counter. Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 students mastered the technique of cut service, forehand attack, a basic technique of the sport and backhand counter.

Badminton: Badminton coaching centred around ‘smash’, the technique of ‘serve’ like ‘low serve’, ‘high serve’, ‘flick serve’ and ‘drive serve’ along with ‘shuttle control drill’. Students enjoyed practising rally with a partner.

KED Sports presentation:

After completing a dedicated and rigorous training module of six months (one sports capsule), they were super excited to display their best of skills. Parents were invited to encourage and cheer our budding players. The presentation gave us immense pleasure to witness how our students confidently showcased their learning with much vigour and enthusiasm, and their sheer hard work was evident in each movement they made. Students showcase their well-developed fine and gross motor skills, agility, skill expertise for from the start date of the sports capsule until the presentation.

Presentation of swimming skills, our young swimmers jumping from different heights, sitting dive, static kicking, forward motion kick, locomotion (arms and legs), progressive swimmers showcasing the skills by performing different strokes – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, start and simple/flip turns, focusing on the technical aspects such as arms propulsion, downbeat, body alignment, technical ability of performing the strokes and were assessed individually.

Annual Athletics Meet 2018

Students of Grades 1, 2 & 3 are practising baton exchange for the relay race and block start for sprinting, for the upcoming Annual Athletics Meet. Students of Grades 4 & 5 are learning the techniques of holding and exchanging a baton for the relay race and quick-start for sprints. Students of senior grades are learning the biomechanics of throwing of shot put.
They are also learning to pass the baton in the exchange zone. All students of Grades 1 to 8 are practising together for the upcoming Annual Athletic Meet.

The KED Life Skills Programme

Life skills at Kunskapsskolan International aim at the overall development of students in all facets of learning nurturing the 21st-century skills or “future skills”. We offer Home Economics, Ballet, Robotics, Carpentry Theatre and Drama as KED life skills programme to empower our students with various future skills like – presentation, leadership, teamwork, collaboration, effective communication and higher order thinking skills in our students.

Home Economics

Home Economics helps students to incorporate relevant aspects of everyday life & living, adult responsibilities and their challenges. Sessions are often planned around the theme of applied skills. Students from pre-primary to grade 8 participated in various age-appropriate activities. A few example of the activities from our Home Economics class include: acquiring necessary culinary skills, beverages module, personal hygiene and sanitation, measuring weight, height and body temperature, taking care of the clothes- from washing, stain removal, drying, and ironing, folding to arranging clothes by learning about the various fabrics and how to handle them with care. Storekeeping and inventory management, time management along with patience, focus and perseverance were some of the critical elements that were also encouraged as a part of the activities.


A graceful dance form Ballet is one of the favourite KED Life Skills Programme of young ballerinas. Right from Pre-primary to grade 8, as per their age and batch, they practice ballet as a life skill programme. First timers start from the necessary fundamental steps of dance such as Tendu, Passey, jump and progress to barre work, Padde-Sha’ changement’. Various
stretching exercises which include Adagio steps like ‘tendu’ and the allied ‘allegro’ movements, roll downs are helpful to improve the postures of the students and relax their backs were part of the session. Along with the techniques and skills, they learn steps for a choreography, which is a part of their presentation.


In today’s world of non-stop innovation, robotics has proven to be a consistent and sure fire way to teach students the STEM skills required to prepare them for the future.

Grade 1 created various robotic models using the LEGO education platform. Modes of transport (water, air and land), their applications and advantages, model of a see-saw, ‘Car & Launcher’ activity, based on force concept, balancing and the relation of the fulcrum with the see-saw, model of a wheelchair where they learnt about the individual needs of old or physically challenged people.

Students across Grades 2 and 3 constructed the ‘Sailboat’ model. They learnt ways of transport with practical examples, a mechanical lion to understand about the animal’s behaviour, habitat and locomotion, ‘Rescue Airplane’ activity in which they built and programmed a mechanical aeroplane that is motorised to change propeller speed, the model of a tow truck, forklift that goes up and down with the help of a pulley mechanism.

Grade 4 – constructed the model of a bee and flower and learnt all about the mutual relationship between them using the ‘Spin Concept’ & motion sensor, the flex mechanism which moves with the help of bevel gears to transfer motion and move equally on both sides by creating a barrier and related to flood gate mechanism of a dam, machines which work on reel mechanism which lifts the things up and down with the help of a pulley and
belt combination by doing activity ‘Drop and Rescue’ to reduce the impact weather-related hazard, rack gear to move things in back-and-forth motion by building a model of mantis.

Grades 5-7 undertook the activity of developing a display block, learned to display images and text on the NXT display screen. Students experimented with establishing a relationship between the size of the wheel and distance covered in a specific period using wheels of different sizes and recorded their observations. The programming of light sensors to identify whether the surface is black or white, based upon the reflected light intensity method, catapult robot, Line Follower Robot using switch case in which robot moves on black line only. They also built the model of a robust, stable, balanced and symmetric robot which looks like a human being. It is combined with various sensors to control activities.

Theatre and Drama

The students honed essential skills such as body control, communication skills, imagination, and sensory perceptions during their theatre and drama sessions. Starting from grade 1 till grade 8, students get to experiment and engage in various age- appropriate skill-building sessions ranging from brisk walks, Chinese whisper, rasabox exercise and mirror exercise. They not only soak up in the nuances of theatrical activities but also spread their imagination to build a story impromptu, taking cues from their partner.
Students brilliantly executed the model, actor and director game demonstrating with leadership, listening and imagination. They understood tuning into each other’s energies through ‘Your hands and My Words’ exercises while displaying agility, teamwork and creativity in letter formations and improvisations. They improvised scenes from Toto Chan
in the groups, learning stage entries, exits, and projection ad dialogues while working on the scenes.


Carpentry allows our students to shape their imagination. They create various useful wooden products and display them proudly. Desk lamp, wall bookshelf, tablet holders, candle stand and chopping board – for use at home. They used reclaimed and pre-cut wood to create these products. The task at hand was to use sandpaper to smoothen the wood, measure the pieces, assemble the parts using hammer, nails, drill holes and stain or varnish independently for a finishing touch.

KED Life Skills Presentation

End of each term, our students showcase the four specialised skills learned in various life skill activities chosen by them. The life skills activities include Home Economics, Robotics, Theatre & Drama and Ballet. The students presented with perfect precision their learning through the skills and techniques of each activity.

Home Economics students presented a skit on kitchen garden followed by a health care and hygiene song and a live cooking demo preparing methi poori, sandwiches, pancakes and lemonade which were savoured by the proud parents. Theatre and Drama showcased their talents through theatrical engineering exercises. The ballet presentation showcased the
ballerinas and ballerinos demonstrating passe, jumps and walking on their toes to the tune of the piano music and dance routine on a song from the film Ballerina. Carpentry students assembled and created products of wood, a soap holder and a block stationery organiser.

Kunskapsskolan Events & Achievements:

Parent Volunteer: ‘What Could I be When I Grow Up’ was a series of sessions conducted for our pre-primary division, wherein the role models were the parents themselves. Our ever- enthusiastic parents came forward and spoke to the children about their diverse and exciting vocations and what they do.

Inter-school swimming competition: Our young and talented swimmers took part in at GD Goenka World School in Gurgaon. Tamanna Chandak, Anvee Sehrawat, Bhavya Govil and Adaa Sachdeva — won bronze medals in the finals, making us immensely proud. Our students participated in Pathways Aravali Inter-School Swimming meet. Manasvi Sharma, Aaryaveer Siwach, Dev Chauhan, Manav Chaudhary, Nirbhay Singh, Aarzoo Malhotra, Amaira Krishna, Manasvi Sharma, Parisa Monga made us proud by securing medals in various categories.

Inter-School Tennis Tournament: Shlok Aggarwal won a silver medal in the Boys Under-8 category, and Chisato Uotani won a bronze medal in the Boys Under-10 category in the Inter-School Tennis Tournament organised by Rabindranath World School, Gurgaon.

Inter-School Football Tournament: Kunskapsskolan International hosted a 7-a-side Interschool Football Tournament on February 13 2019. Along with our school team, the participating teams were Pathways World School, Aravali, DPS International, Manav Rachna International School, Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon. The tournament was held on League Format
followed by a semi-final and a final match.

Kuns Swimming Fiesta: The first ever parental engagement in sports, were several swimming events followed by an energised water polo match.

Alekhya – Inter-School competition: Eight students from Grades 2 to 8 of Kunskapsskolan International were selected to represent our school at an art event named ‘Alekhya’, hosted by Pathways World School, Aravalli. Our talented students displayed their skills in various activities such as poster making, mask making, clay modelling and canvas composition under
the common theme ‘Revering Companionship with Animals’.

French Word Power: Our proud student Adish received the 3rd position in A1 level at State level and was felicitated with a bronze medal.

Independence Day: The school believes in bringing the global community together and kindling the spirit of ‘unity in diversity’ by emphasising our rich cultural heritage. The day began with the unfurling of the esteemed tricolour flag followed by the national anthem, cultural programmes and art exhibit ‘Freedom and Expression’.

Children’s Day: Children’s Day was celebrated with much fun and frolic in Kunskapsskolan International School, Gurgaon. Our teachers and students fondly remembered Pandit Nehru and celebrated the love that he had for all children with a host of fun-filled activities throughout the day.

Diwali Celebrations: Diwali, the festival of lights, brightened up the day at Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon on November 2 when the entire school wore a festive look. The school was decorated with diyas, lanterns and rangoli. Our young learners, dressed up merrily in traditional attires, had a fun day.

Halloween celebration: We celebrated Halloween, also called All Saint’s Day, with fun, gaiety and exuberance. The celebration was planned with much gusto to bring in the aura of spookiness around the school.

Book Fair: Students of Grades 6- 8 of Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon staged a play on November 27 at the National Book Fair held at Leisure Valley.

Kirnival: Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon organised its Mega Carnival on its school premises on February 9 2019. It was a fun-filled extravaganza featuring the Jurassic Park theme. The other attractions of the Carnival included various fun activities like Dinosaur Tangram, Dino Tattoo Making, Dinosaur Puppetry, Rock Painting and much more! The children created an animated movie based on dinosaurs. They also created a Dinosaur Terranium. The Paleontology Zone comprised of rock climbing, hand paddle boats, water zorb and much more.

Lohri: The teachers and staff of Kunskapsskolan International celebrated Lohri with great enthusiasm. A small fire was lit in the school premises. Following the festival’s tradition, our Kunskapsskolan family gathered around the fire to enjoy the warmth and feeling of togetherness.

Teacher’s Day: Our students from Grades 6 – 8 took over the learning sessions of the younger students as ‘teachers’, carried out their work with perfect precision, and it was a pleasure to witness the sincere and enthusiastic students do the role play.

Hindi Diwas: a four-day long event was organised to show respect towards our national language, wherein, students participated in various activities consisting of rendition of soulful songs highlighting the importance of Hindi language in our life along with slogans, play, ‘swar’ chimes and self-composed poems by our talented students.

Field Trip to Jim Corbett: Students of Grades 2 – 8 took part in the enthralling two-day trip to the outskirts of the famous national park. The salubrious climes of Uttarakhand. The children, gleaming with sheer joy, took part in activities such as zip line, village walk, pugmark study, lantern walk, body surfing, jungle safari, journal writing and many more.

Visit Qutub Minar: Kindergartners went for a trip to Qutub Minar to witness the monument, architecture and pattern used.

Health Check-up: A team of dentists from ‘Clove Dental Clinic’ and ophthalmologists from ‘Centre for Sight’ were invited to conduct dental and eye check-ups for our students.

Summer Camp: Students across grades allowed to be a part of our summer camp to keep them engaged and chirpy with an exciting mix of activities which covered sports, life skills, and performing arts.

Community service and outreach:

Project Bagiya: Grade 1 students at Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon visited ‘Project Bagiya’ of the Sanshil Foundation, Gurgaon to inculcate the value of sharing among children and the joy one gets by giving. It also served as extended learning of the theme they have been learning: ‘Me and My Family’.

Exploring the neighbourhood: Our students of Grades 1 and 2 embarked on an engaging journey exploring their immediate neighbourhood. They visited their next-door neighbours,the students and staff at the Government Senior Secondary School, Darbaripur, the houses in the semi-urban village, a small police station, the nearest petrol pump, a beautifully painted temple, shops selling medicines, repairing cycles, Government High School, Palra where they were witness to the use of solar electric system.

Neighbourhood Community-School Connect: Use of school or neighbourhood facilities and equipment, volunteer assistance, mentoring and training from professionals, sports activities, working towards physical fitness and health and building a sense of community amongst the children and the communities they live in/around the school was the main objective of this activity.

Workshops and Training for Students:

Inclusion and Diversity – Students across all the grades at Kunskapsskolan International had an awareness session on ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ – accepting and appreciating the differences among ourselves. Thought provoking session led to introspection and understanding of the concepts of diversity and inclusion, which are two faces of the same coin.

Media Literacy – The Fortis Mental Health team conducted a media literacy workshop to increase awareness in students about how media impacts us and how to use it in a healthy and balanced way.

Experiential Workshop by Team Terracotta – Experiential Workshops on various age- appropriate life skills were organised for all grades from 2 to 8 by Team Terracotta. The workshop focused on developing skills with the help of hands-on exercises, activities, games, collaborative group interaction, music and dance.

Astronomy – Labrynthe Private Limited conducted astronomy Awareness Workshops for hands-on Astronomy Life Skill Programme for students from grades 1- 8 in the next academic session 2019-20.

Photography Workshop – A photography workshop was conducted to train our students on various genres of photography, the basic principles of photography — using the camera in the best way and composing a perfect shot.

Creative Writing workshop – Emerging science fiction writer, Mr Brijesh Luthra. Mr Luthra met our students to share the first three chapters of his latest science fiction, THE GREAT MOTO-MATIC HOUSE, discussed the ‘elements’, ‘introduction’ and the ‘characters’ required to build up an exciting story. The session assisted the children in understanding what goes
into writing a fascinating novel. A copy of the book, along with a T-Shirt, was given to one of the lucky students.

Workshops & Training for Staff:

The teachers get the opportunity during these intensive training sessions to address the challenges they come across during their regular teaching sessions.

ICT Training: Kunskapsskolan Education (KED) is one of the best methods of academic pursuit of this century. Johann Johansson and Lars Hammarberg from Sweden took time out of their schedule and conducted a workshop on ICT Tools and the GSuite applications for the teachers at Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon. Cecilia Aronsson and Lena Oden shared their insights on how well we can use technology to strengthen global connect. The session emphasised on the use of digital tools during the planning, teaching and assessment phase, to simplify and enhance collaboration.

Math Training: Teachers attended a workshop by Shin Edupower, Japan on February 23 2019 at Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon focusing on the importance of non-cognitive learning in Mathematics. The session involved engaging and challenging hands-on activities, catering to different learning abilities, different levels and age groups.

Sensitisation Workshop: A sensitisation session was conducted for the female support staff regarding safety and security of school children. Safety measures, body language, communication with children, the do’s and don’ts while attending to students were discussed. They were engaged in a group activity for team building and conflict resolution, which would be required to help them to tackle the day to day challenges. The objective of the session was to ensure safety for our students while travelling and within the school

Visitors at KI

Educational Directors of Kunskapsskolan Schools around the world visited Kunskapsskolan International on January 29 2019. They were taken through a presentation on the school by Head of School, after that spent a few hours observing the teaching-learning practices in various grades.

Mats Barlow, Head of School, Kunskappskolan, Örebro, Sweden, visited Kunskapsskolan International, Gurgaon as part of the exchange programme. An experienced academician and physical education instructor, his key areas of expertise include effective leadership,
coaching teaching, performance development, and classroom leadership. He visited the school and took part in various activities, including visits to the classrooms and discussions with the management of the school. He shared his ideas and the methodology they follow in imparting the KED values in Sweden.