KED life skills program: Where kids acquire crucial strengths

KED life skills program: Where kids acquire crucial strengths Cover Image


In the age of STEM studies, can we imagine a curriculum that empowers children with important skills like perseverance and a positive approach to life? Kunskapsskolan’s KED life-skill program espouses the ideology that developing EQ is as important as IQ.

The board exams for this academic year are long over and students (and their parents) are heaving a sigh of relief. The euphoria, sadly, will last just a month until the dates of the results loom large like dark clouds. Year after year, the newspapers are rife with news of young, bright minds falling prey to depression and, in many cases, to suicidal attempts. Even the ones who have been consistently doing well in schools and colleges are not exempt from this horrifying cycle of exams, the pressure to score well, and an inability to accept the results.

Isn’t this a telling example of a narrow approach to life and its blessings? Are we, as parents and educators, imparting the crucial lesson to our children that the success in an important exam is just a minuscule part of the magnum epic called life? That, values like empathy, understanding, ability to perceive a situation beyond its immediate consequences, and a positive approach to tackling challenges are what will keep us rooted and motivated to lead a meaningful life?

Come to think of it, the job market has been undergoing a paradigm shift in the past decade. Landing a dream job today requires a lot more than just an impeccable mark sheet. New-age companies look for candidates who have the grit and attitude to take on challenges and adapt well to the ever-changing dynamics of the working and social culture. However, are the educational boards cognizant of this change?

While it might seem like we have a long way to go, institutions like Kunskapsskolan are bringing in revolutionary changes in their curriculum to empower the next generation to be inspiring leaders and mentors who also understand the vagaries of life.

How the KED life skills program brings practical change to the social scene


Haven’t we adults, at some point or the other, felt the need to be able to drive a nail into the wall or fix leaking pipes on our own without having to rely on handymen?

Several young adults, mostly men, are found at sea when it comes to cooking a simple meal on their own.

How many driving schools include the crucial skill of changing a tyre as a part of the sessions?

Simple yet vital skills as these are still considered optional and it remains only as an individual’s prerogative to master them. Kunskapsskolan is set to change all of this with their life-skill program that includes, among other things, basic carpentry, cooking, and electrical skills and even how to change a car’s tyre.

Such skills are important, for they equip the individual with the power and tools to be able to take on any situation in life. Imagine its far-reaching effects on the self-esteem and confidence of young minds!

When we talk about being able to adapt to changes, can technology be left behind? Each day is different from the previous as far as innovation is concerned and if one needs to forge ahead, it is necessary to keep pace with the latest. The life-skill program includes sessions on interesting topics like Robotics, 3D printing process, virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR). The AR/VR technology is the face of the future and students get an exposure to using Apps and technology that use simulations to provide immersive real life experiences.


KED Life-skills program as a part of the curriculum

While many schools offer training in life-skills, what differentiates Kunskapsskolan from the rest of the educational brigade is that their KED life-skills program is embedded as a part of regular curriculum rather than a monthly or quarterly workshop. The program is devised in a way that every student spends nearly 6-7 hours a week learning a sport, working on a technological aspect or expanding their skill-set in several and diverse genres like agronomy or pottery.


The program takes into consideration a child’s natural aptitude and the modules are formulated in an age-appropriate manner. For instance, the pre-schoolers learn how to clean up after themselves or pack their bags for school.

Apart from the KED life-skill program, the school conducts regular workshops for parents and students to enable them to arrive at the same page as these lessons need to be consistently imparted, be it at home or school.


The promising path ahead

The future of our kids looks promising with schools like Kunskapsskolan taking their role as the new-age educators seriously. The world needs more leaders and visionaries who are self-motivated, driven and ambitious but are, at the same time, sensitive and empathetic individuals rather than robotic money-making machines risking a burnout early in life.