Kunskapsskolan India

The KED program is a concept for personalised education : students, with the guidance of their coach, set clear , challenging and reasonable goals and work with the ambition of achieving high final results. Students allocate their study time based on their previous educational experience as well as their individual proficiencies.

The KED educational philosophy is about developing responsible citizens who are aware and take ownership of their  process of learning. It is also about maximizing teachers time spent on their most important task –  teaching and coaching. Another key element is the strict and comprehensive system for assessment, follow-up and feedback. In
addition, to ordinary teaching sessions all students receive support and direction from a personal coach every week. During these individual sessions the objective is to increase the students´ desire and ambition to learn more than they thought was possible.

Modern societies are characterized by globalization, a high pace of change in economy, working life, culture, science, and technology and thus require an increasing need for learning and building skills. Academic skills, individual knowledge, flexibility and the ability to take personal responsibility are becoming more important and complex as are interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate.

This is well entrenched and personified in the KED philosophy.