The learning Portal

The Learning Portal™ is the KED program’s collective and web-based source of wisdom.

Students can find most of the learning material on the portal: the courses, the content, objectives and criteria for every step, assignments, texts, pictures, links and tests. The Learning Portal is an important tool in
personalized learning because the content of the Learning Portal provides a wide variety of choices and is accessible to students anywhere and anytime.

In the KED program we do not need to divide assignments into schoolwork or homework. You have work to do, and you can get it done in school, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection. KED Schools have work stations all around the school where students can access the Learning Portal. The Wi-Fi network enables students to continue their work after and between lessons. Thus, learning is not an activity limited to the premises of a classroom.

The web-based Learning Portal is the backbone of the KED Program . It contains state of the art learning resources developed by subject matter experts and is distributed around the participating network of schools.It is
under continuous development and review as teachers contribute with new material and feedback. The Learning Portal enables teachers to spend less time preparing lessons, while still being able to use the best material, and leave them with more time to spend with students. From an educational point of view, this way of working assures students, families, and society that what is practised is not solely a prerogative of an individual teacher.

The Learning Portal for teachers
For teachers the portal is also our common knowledge management system. Each subject has its own community and pages. Here teachers collaborate and contribute via presentations and lectures as well as best practices at work. The forum is moderated by some of our most experienced subject experts. This is a way of sharing and enabling the
learning process for teachers. Every minute saved for a teacher who does not have to prepare a lesson that has already been developed by colleagues is a minute that could be spent on personal coaching instead of preparation. That is one of the reasons why it is possible for our schools to provide more personal coaching time with the same staff resource as a conventional school. The Learning Portal gives teachers a realistic opportunity to ‘meet’ each student where they happen to be in terms of their current knowledge development.
The Learning Portal for families
The family can take part in their child´s learning through the portal as well, by following the student´s timetable and performance through the EDS.