Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of May and June

– Jenny Han

The searing summer days can be transformed into delightful learning experiences by participating in exciting summer camps. Summer camp forms an essential part of our childhood remembrances. It teaches learners how to be respectful of others, our environment, and ourselves. It gives them lifelong lessons while engaging in enjoyable pursuits with their mates.

Kunskamp at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon focuses on immersing our passionate learners in activities that provide them with the platform to discover their abilities, try out new avenues, and work through their misperceptions in a safe learning environment. The setting of the camp is such that it enables the development of a sense of independence through experimentation and creation. Afterall, summer camps are all about learning by doing.

As shared by one of the facilitators, “at Kunscamp camp, the students are fostering important life skills by delving into their creative mindspace”.

A wide range of inventive sessions like pottery, arts with textiles, theatre, instrumental music, etc meticulously designed for our learners not only aim at fostering self-expression and originality, but they would also support confidence building and infusing a sense of individual identity. We believe that these enriching experiences will inspire them with lifelong values of teamwork and collaborative learning.

Week 1 of Kunskamp saw a delightful display of happy faces of students who are enjoying learning and exploring the new from the familiar space of their school.