KunsKamp provided experiences to remember for all the children. The skilled and enthusiastic facilitators created a safe, fun and collaborative environment for children to be creatively productive. The school provided the perfect setting to extend the learning that takes place during the academic year by giving children the opportunity to be innovative and discover new interests. Here the children met new friends, had fun, learnt, and enjoyed a wide range of activities. They did not shy away from seizing this opportunity to experience the community and came away with lifelong memories.

Primary School Summer Camp

This camp was intended to give Primary School children an opportunity to explore and discover new interests. They had access to a variety of activities in a safe, fun and caring environment. A rotating schedule was utilised allowing children to sample various activities and work with different facilitators while staying within the comfort of their groups. Activities included Swimming, STREAM, Robotics, Badminton, Electronic Music Making, Bites & Bakes, Photography, Carpentry and Roll the Beat. After lunch, children also had the opportunity to participate in group activities such as Basketball, Soccer, Art, Self Defence, Gymnastics, Shooting and First Aid. Children were encouraged to try new things, make friends, and most importantly, have fun.

Senior School Summer Camp

This camp for children aged 10 and above focused on exploring the artist within themselves. Facilitators worked with students to create works of art in multiple mediums and dedicated to the idea of learning new skills and exploration. A wide range of activities were offered to help children develop confidence, responsibility, teamwork, and inquiry. The camp included many hands-on and engaging activities. Each day had a structured routine and a mix of indoor and outdoor games.
Here is a glimpse of what the children were engaged in during the first week.

“How much it meant to him that I shared my lunch with him every day.”How much it meant to him that I shared my lunch with him every day.”
“I think I can make an electric car. They will cause zero air pollution.”
“Let’s exercise.”
“I’m going to win.”
“Ma’am, can you tell me how to smooth the wood surface.”
“Raising my hand to ask questions never terrifies me.”
“When I walked into the court, I fell in love with the game.”
“Let me try my hand.”
“Yay… it’s LEGO!”
“Sir, can you open the mystery box?”
“You only get better by playing.”
“Shhh! Artist at work.”
“Show me what you have clicked.”
“Stir the vegetables gently.”
“Let me show you how to cut Paneer into cubes.”
“It gives us such a sense of peace to draw.”
“Exploring the pasta – bilities.”
“I’m a huge Electronic – Music Fan.”
“Hooray, we did it!”
“Home is where the pool is.”
“Understanding Focus”
“Look what I made.”
“Reload. Aim. Shoot again.”
“Don’t worry about the depth. I’m with you.”
“Group activities are so much fun.”
“Shaping the world.”
“Playing from the heart.”
“My turn!”
“Colours of joy.”
“Ma’am, you brought colours into my life.”
“Painting dreams.”
“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

All in all, the summer camp at Kunskapsskolan International had a very successful first week full of excitement and joy from the participating children.