KunsKamp 2022 at Kunskapsskolan Lucknow

Summer camps are an integral part of every child, it gives children an opportunity to be away from technology and get engaged in the real world. These are fun, safe, educational and recreational camps consisting of events organized by various schools and organizations to foster personal growth, develop skills and promote a learning environment. The searing summer days can be utilized by taking part in various activities organized by the school.

The purpose of a summer camp is to learn new skills, develop mental and physical awareness, social and communication skills, new friendships, understand multiple views, perceptions. Overall help children become independent and self-reliable.

The first week of the summer camp organized by Kunskapsskolan Lucknow saw a rainbow-coloured spectrum of activities. A peek into a couple of great options that the students could choose from.

GAMIFICATION – In an increasingly technology driven world, a sound understanding of coding can go a long way. Children at the Kunskamp are learning and improving their coding skills through various game related challenges. They get to make new games and animations through scratch. These activities help them develop their analytical and computational skills.

BAKING – Organizing a baking camp can be super fun, the valuable kitchen skills will definitely be handy in the coming years and is sure to inspire a new generation of bakers. The Children at the Kunskamp are surely excited to learn and explore the skills of baking. In this week they made a variety of sweet and savoury dishes- from cupcakes, brownies, red velvet cakes, muffins to oatmeal cookies and pizzas. You name it and they made it. Through this the children learn some important life skills and also go home with a bounty of baked goods.

POT DECORATION – Art just like any other language is a form of expression – an expression of thought, feelings, emotions. Art has an important role in education, it helps children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. The children at the Kunskamp were able to show their creative side, they not only painted their pots but also decorated them using moulds. The benefits of art for children are many and include problem solving skills, neural development, fine gross motor skills, connection and understanding.

MUSIC AND ALL THAT JAZZ – Music is not so much about developing musicians as it is about developing responsible, compassionate, confident and sensitive young people. These music lessons are well crafted to develop valuable playing skills and achieve their musical ambitions. At the camp in the first week the children were able to express themselves through their favourite songs along with learning music theory such as clapping on the time signature and identifying notes to add to their overall development of confidence and personality.

DRAMA – Drama allows children to express their feelings and also gives them an opportunity to explore themselves through a character. It helps them develop empathy and tolerance. No art form is as collaborative as drama. It is all about preparing the children to live and work in a world that is increasingly team oriented rather than discrete. In the first week the children focused on the theory of acting, drama sequence. Stage etiquette, personality development exercises and stage acting on various short sequences. Playing, practicing and performing develops a sustained focus of mind, body and voice which helps with other areas of life including school work and interpersonal relationships.

With so many different options and the exciting journey of learning in the very first week we look forward to a thrilling week ahead where the children will get more opportunities to showcase their learning and skills.