Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon – The enthusiastic vocational traning for trainers

The Skilled Project in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation focuses on providing an online digital platform for vocational education and training in schools of Haryana. This platform along with the training for KED Methodology seeks to provide a learner-centric approach to vocational education for students to enhance their skill set and take responsibility of their learning processes. 


The first phase of Skilled project comprising of a five-day training of vocational teachers completed in April, 2018. The sector trainers were introduced to KED Program, which has marked its presence in the world for almost two decades. They got exposure to the student-centric pedagogical skills and were acquainted with the Skilled project.

After the successful completion of the first phase, the second phase of training was held at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon, between June 27- 29, 2018. The same set of enthusiastic vocational trainers participated from hand-picked Government Schools.

The second phase started with essentials of the KED Methodology and lead to the new aspects of learnings, such as: Making a difference in student lives, Teaching-Learning Strategies, Assessment/Feedback, Life Skills & Employability. Trainees were given hands on experience by exploring the learning portal and navigating the blended learning online module. Vocational trainees showcased their learning through role plays, poster making, presentations and various activities under specific topics.


Sector Skills Council plays a pivotal role in establishing the curricula of the vocational subjects. The participants got a wonderful opportunity to interact with the industry expert representatives. 

They addressed on structure of the vocational sector & keeping the job roles in mind while training. They discussed the significance of National Occupational Standards (NOSs) given in the Qualification Pack for a particular job role.


The three days summarized with feedback from the vocational trainers. While bidding goodbyes the participants explicitly expressed finding the training very informative and insightful.