Dear Parents,


Currently we are living in turbulent times and we need to deal with the situation by following proven and substantiated medical advice and protocol. The outbreak is increasingly affecting our everyday lives and with each new development, more questions arise. The need of the hour is for all of us to stand together, accept our civic responsibility and, support each other to tide over this phase. At the same time, we need to continue to be successful in what we are doing.

In view of the unprecedented crisis and keeping the health and safety of our students in mind, all schools in the Kunskapsskolan India network will be conducting teaching learning classes online in April, 2020.

Pre Nursery to Grade I
For Grades Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten the sessions will be guided; weekly plans and resources will be shared with you by the Base Group Coach. To start with, at the onset of each day she will connect with the students and parents (via zoom) to take you through the day’s plan. The purpose is to engage with, and support the children in their learning journey and experiences. Please involve your child and actively seek his/her suggestions to collate and organize the work in a portfolio (digital or hardcopy) that he/she will bring to school on reopening.

Grade II
Sessions for Grades II have been planned on similar lines with learning goals and outcomes. Learning experiences from the Learning Portal for both Themes and Steps will be part of the weekly plan. As parents, we request that you facilitate weekly on-line submissions so that timely feedback and feedforward can be shared. The Base Group Coach for these grades will also connect (via zoom) with the students and parents of her group at the onset on the day to facilitate the home learning plan.

In-case you need any further support, do reach out to them via an email.

Grade III to X
For Grades III to X, sessions will be conducted by the subject teachers. To ensure continuity and connect with the school time plan, the day will start with the base group session and students will continue to have their weekly coaching sessions. The learning sessions will be interspersed with short breaks (transition time) and the day will end with Reflection. The detailed weekly time plan will be shared with the students by the Base Group Coach in the week prior.

The Base Group Coach will share the time plan with the students and take attendance every day for each session. Students are expected to honour the submission timelines set for the work set.

The Base Group Coach will also be sharing expectations with students and, how you, as parents can support us in making this collaboration effective and meaningful.

We continue to monitor and assess developments. However, given the fluidity of the situation, we will inform you of any change in the plan in advance. Let us take this opportunity to reflect on the choices made and what is it that we can do differently to appreciate, preserve and celebrate life – the greatest gift of all.

Please continue to stay healthy and safe.

Warm Regards
Rupa Chauhan
Head of School