Dear Parents,

Hope you are doing well and taking all steps to keep safe.

We are in the process of raising the fee invoice for the month of August. There have been a few queries with regard to fee waivers, adjustment against Annual Fee and fee increment paid. The school has been providing updates as and when available to make the necessary adjustments while awaiting clear guidelines from the administration.

We would like to share with you that The Hon’ble Court of Punjab and Haryana has taken cognizance of the financial constraints of the educational institutions, and has passed the order that the schools can collect the Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, Annual Charges, Transportation Charges, etc. w.e.f. April’20.

However, the school management understands the challenges faced by the parent community and believes that a collaborative approach could be followed so that the interests of all are considered. We have evaluated the possible savings the school can garner over the year as a result of the non-operation of physical school and are happy to pass on the same to our parent community.

In view of the above, the following decisions have been made:

  1. No increment in Tuition fee will be made for 2020-21 and slabs of 2019-20 will be applied.
  2. A waiver of Rs 10,750 per student on Annual Fees is being offered. This will be payable in four monthly installments (AUG-SEP-OCT-NOV). The waiver will be disbursed equally for convenience in August-Rs 5625 and September-Rs 5625 under the heads Resource Fee, Activities and Events Fee and Maintenance Fee.
  3. Transport fee although chargeable as per actual expense according to the said directive, has been consciously waived off for Q1 and Q2.
  4. Furthermore, we will not be charging Cafeteria and Day-care fee until the restart of physical school.
  5. For parents who paid the Annual Fee in Q1, the amount will be adjusted over these four months.

Details of the adjustments mentioned above are provided below and the same can be referred to on Entab.

We continue to meet our commitment to our students as well as our operating expenses. If you wish, you can pay on a monthly or quarterly basis via Entab. Mode of payment will be communicated shortly. While we appreciate the constraints, we urge parents to make timely payments by the due date. The school policy with regard to fee payments has been made effective in June 2020.

In case you are facing any challenges, please write directly to the Head of School.

Warm regards,
Team Kunskapsskolan