Kunskapsskolan Lucknow , established in 2016 will provide a truly enabling environment to contribute to the holistic development of each student. With a vast outdoor Sports facility, a modern building housing infrastructure aligned to the open and transparent ethos of the educational program and spacious classrooms, the school is an integrated learning space. The school has vast play areas with facilities for basketball, tennis, badminton,  football and athletics.
What differentiates Kunskapsskolan Lucknow is its educational model, one where students set goals and develop strategies to meet their goals-the starting point for all learning. Goals make it easier to motivate students and inspire them to stretch their boundaries. In this school the teachers, timetable and the learning spaces will be adapted to the individual needs of the students.
Our school’s learning framework is designed with the student at the core and the teacher as their partner, coach and mentor. Our program facilitates the student to learn at their own pace and become more independent, taking charge of their development while being closely nurtured by their personal coach who closely guides the child towards achieving their goals.