When I first started working for Kunskapsskolan I couldn’t even in my wildest dreams have imagined to be in Lucknow ten years later. But now my family and I are very happy as well as excited to be based in Lucknow. Setting up a new school in Lucknow will no doubt be a challenging task but from a personal point of view, there is no place I would rather be.

Kunskapsskolan will bring something new and different to the rich educational heritage of Lucknow. Our starting point is always the individual student and the concept of personalised learning will reflect in the everyday practice, including our lectures, seminars, personal coaching sessions, development discussions and of course our continuous teacher training program.

As for all the 50 Kunskapsskolan schools around the world, the goal for us at Kunskapsskolan Lucknow is to have the highest student and parental satisfaction, as well as the best and most motivated teachers. The cornerstone in our pedagogical model (The KED-program) is progression for each student at the student’s own pace and according to the ambitions of the individual student. The long term goal is that each student take ownership of their own education as they develop their own sense of responsibility through our daily, weekly and yearly practice of setting and evaluating learning goals.

Our model was created some 16 years ago in Sweden with the purpose of better preparing today’s students for the challenges of tomorrow. We are meeting the purpose through the development of the relevant skills, including communication, critical thinking, intercultural experience and understanding, individual responsibility, time and task management. We put great importance on academic achievement as our goal is that each student will achieve more the he or she thought possible.

Welcome to Kunskapsskolan Lucknow!

Linus Gellerstedt