KI IGCSE Star Performers 2022


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Grade X – Subject Toppers Ki

Grade X learners of Kunskapsskolan International have succeeded in achieving their academic goals through the focussed learning and personalised learning approach of the KED program. We congratulate the first batch of Kunskapsskolan International Grade X learners for the great results.

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KKG Alumni

Personalised learning, integrating opportunities to explore and dive deeper, goal setting and coaching conversations – all the efforts are worth the time when you see your learners find their path. Exhilarated to share the college placement of Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon learners across the world.

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KI Class X result – 2020-21

We are happy to announce the results of our first cohort of CBSE Grade X students, academic session March 2020-21.
It is a very proud moment for the Kunskapsskolan International community, our children have done very well. We thank our parents who trusted us and allowed their wards to be in the first CBSE batch of Kunskapsskolan International School. You have all contributed positively to this milestone of the School.
Congratulations to the entire Kunskapsskolan International family!

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Grade XII Result 2020-2021

As another extraordinary year comes to an end , we are extremely proud to announce our Grade XII learners have secured overall excellent results along with outstanding performance in the bouquet of subjects offered at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon.

The school average for the best of 5 subjects is 88 % and the best of 4 is 90%.


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IGCSE KI Result 2019-21

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Safety Measures for School re-opening post Covid Pandemic

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Grade XII Result 2019-2020

Our Grade XII learners at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon have succeded in  achieving their academic goals and their subject scores is a true yardstick of the Swedish KED program’s ability to align with national curriculum.
Heartiest congratulation to all the subject toppers and their teachers at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon – Batch of 2020

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Grade X Results 2019-2020

The KED Program at Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon is tailored to prepare the global generations to navigate transitions by taking ownership to reach their goals. The journey is aimed to be an academically enriching and personally satisfying experience. Through personalised learning which is fostered through the KED program, our 3rd batch of Grade X students have done exceedingly well in all subjects. Congratulations to all the achievers! We are proud of each and every one!

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confidence of the children

KED strengthens the confidence of the children, instills a sense of accountability in them and most of all, transforms their overall personality. During the ‘Theme Presentations and Exhibitions’, holding a lot of pride, they demonstrate their learning in the form of project work, drama, music and dance.  The development discussions that follows conducted by the base group teacher with parents lays the foundation for setting, persevering and achieving of individual goals.



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KED Life Skills Program

KED Life Skills Program is embedded as a part of the regular curriculum that focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self reflection, critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Imparting this life skills based education to the students is helpful as it specifically addresses the needs of children, helps in motivating them and provides practical, cognitive, emotional, social and self-management skills for life adjustments.

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KED Sports

KED Sports aims to make students future ready by nurturing the budding talents from the grassroots level with an aim to make them professional players within the scope of sports. It makes them competitive in every sphere of their lives and also helps them to improve their social interaction skills, increases their confidence and improves their ability to follow instructions and keeps them healthy.

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Parents are stake holders

Parents are stake holders in the journey of our students learning throughout the year. As a school, Kunskapsskolan International has a plethora of engaging sessions for them.

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kkb Art and Music Day

Kunskapsskolan Bengaluru celebrated the Art & Music Day with both our pre-primary and primary students. The music performance and the art exhibition encourage our students’ curiosity and their competence to use their imagination and creativity. The celebration of music and art creates an opportunity for our students to pursue their passion, visualize ideas and see their imagination come to life. Being a student in Kunskapsskolan is a lot of valuable fun and implies infinite learning opportunities.

Through the school’s Nobel week/Nobel Day, Sports Day and Music & Art Day we are able to showcase the holistic view of our students which is Kunsskapsskolan.

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KKB Sports Day

In the true spirit of Baron de Coubertin, founder of the Olympic Games, our Sports Day really showed that the most important thing is not to win but to participate – and to have fun! Kunskapsskolan Bengaluru believes the development of sporting skills is as essential as academics for the comprehensive development of the child.

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Grade X results 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

The second batch of Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon students sat for their Grade 10 Board Examinations this year.

We are proud to announce that 100% of students have passed the Examinations and also that no student has scored below 60%. Over 68% of the batch has scored a distinction.
The school average is 80%.

Suhani Chowdhary has topped the school with an aggregate of 94%.

We also have students who have scored high marks in different subjects.

They are:

  1. Mathematics: 100% Arpit Dua
  2. English: 96% Suhani Chowdhary
  3. Social Science: 96% Suhani
  4. Science: 97% Khushi Nigam
  5. 2nd Language: 96% Mrinalini Bhargava
  6. FIT: 95% Dhruv Bheda & Arpit Dua

Congratulations to all our students and team members for all the hard work. We are very proud of you!

Warm regards,

Sabreena Talwar

(Head Of School)

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Gurgaon Goes Green

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Multiple Intelligence

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Be Skillicious

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