The Swedish name Kunskapsskolan, freely translated means “The Knowledge School” in English – a school where knowledge and learning is foremost. Kunskapsskolan has a chain of 37 schools across Sweden, US & UK and is renowned for quality and high student performance. April 2013 marks the beginning of a new chapter in Kunskapsskolan’s quest for excellence in education with the flagship school in Gurgaon.

What differentiates Kunskapsskolan is its educational model, one where students set goals and develop strategies to meet their goals-the starting point for all learning. Goals make it easier to stimulate the students and inspire them into stretching their boundaries.In this school the teachers, timetable and the learning spaces are adapted to the individual needs of the students. The curriculum is divided into steps and themes providing students the opportunity to master concepts at their own pace.Students are provided the prospect to learn CBSE curriculum and also extend their learning to global curriculums.The time of the student is organized to meet the different ways of learning and viewed as a resource for the students to achieve their goals. At Kunskapsskolan, learning is not limited to school premises. The entire study material is available on the learning portal which can be accessed 24×7 anywhere through internet. The learning portal also allows the parents to participate in their child’s schoolwork, and be a driving force behind it. Our student centric and personalised learning program enables the student to master the challenges of 21st century.

Our school’s learning framework is designed with the student at the core and the teacher as their partner, coach and mentor. Our program facilitates the student to learn at their own pace and become more independent in taking charge of their development while being closely nurtured by their personal coach who closely guide the child towards achieveing their goals.

With state of the art infrastructure and diverse co curricular facilities, the school provides every opportunity for the holistic development of the learner.