Dear Parents and Students

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon – our school, your school.

The ‘one-size fits all’, industrial model of education was always far from ideal. Pretty much everyone agreed on this, but regrettably the education field has been slow overall to introduce the appropriate methods by which learning can be genuinely personalized for the individual child and their unique needs, requirements and interests.

That is exactly what Kunskapsskolan is achieving with the KED Programme, so it is really exciting to play a part in bringing this opportunity to children in India for the first time. This school is going to bring a fresh approach to learning that is truly in accord with the needs of young learners in the Twenty First Century.

Someone once said that “man is, in essence, a goal seeking being”.  It therefore makes perfect sense to me that the ability to set goals, work with goals, break them down and strive for them should be a fundamental part of a child’s learning process.  The goal setting process also offers the perfect way for the personal coach in school, parents and student to understand exactly what’s expected of the child and how they intend to work towards the goals they desire. A goal without effective plans is just a dream and the world deserves more than people living out unfulfilled dreams.

As a Swedish organization, Kunskapsskolan has already  had the experience of adapting its approach to working in UK and USA. The philosophy can be called ‘Glocal’ – developing young minds that are thoroughly grounded in their own culture, heritage and origins, but who are fully globally aware and ready to adapt to any environment. This is one of the reasons for choosing to work with the CBSE curriculum and not an international one.  Our aim is that a Kunskapsskolan student can be equally adaptable if they move on later to study in an Indian or an overseas university.

In our hearts we all know that what is worth achieving in life is worth working for. We also have to recognize that we, educators and parents, cannot achieve for the child. The motivation has to be intrinsically theirs – developing an awareness that their life will be what they make it. Together, with the Kunskapsskolan model, we have the ability to set our children on a path to excellence, achievement and success in all aspects of their lives.

I look forward to getting to know you all a lot better in the months ahead.

Warmest wishes


Mark Parkinson
Executive Director & Head of School

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