Personalised learning and Brain based learning

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“There is no scientific study more vital to man than the study of his own brain. Our entire view of the Universe depends on it.” Francis Crick.

Researches show that brain’s unique shape depends on individual’s genes. Studies have proved that our genetic development involves environmental, social phenomenon and life experience. So the connection is clear and we can safely say that brain development is closely connected to environment, social interaction and experiences of life.

As we say we learn from our experiences, and thus all the experiences we go through in life develops our cognitive map. The path ways become permanent with skill development. The skill level becomes integral part of brain based learning and it stays for long term. Researches have clearly indicated that practice improves performances leading to perfection.

According to me differentiated learning is nothing but brain based learning. It involves memory, understanding, thinking and metacognition. Memory is the multiple path which process the information, understanding is the deep processing, thinking occurs when mind, body and feelings are involved and Metacognition is being aware of one’s learning, which involves memory, thinking and understanding and in turn helps a person to be aware of his or her feelings, action and impact on others. In one word being empathetic.

Harvard Gardener‘s theory of multiple intelligence clearly states that every individual has different abilities which is again brain based, so by showing personalised approach to teaching and learning we  will be able to maximize the potential of a learner.

Brain based researches have validated that learning is individual and unique. So the standardize form of curriculum and instructions diminishes the learning abilities. Brain based leaning provides a direction to all the educators who want to achieve more focused and informed teaching. As said by many, two people having similar experience react in different ways this is due to different neural network connection and different cognitive map. Brain being unique.

Personalised coaching is a revolution in education and creates space for higher level of cognitive development also brings in the changes the society is looking to achieve.


Tamoshi Ghosh

Head mistress @ Kunskapsskolan Bengaluru