The second week at the kunskamp again saw a plethora of activities from aerobics to madhubani, music and instruments to story tellebration, basketball to little scientist. The children got an option to take part in the activity that piques their interest.


Our little scientist at the Kunskamp showed us that Science doesn’t always have to be complicated, and not all science experiments need expensive lab equipment. Science and scientific experiments are ways to describe the world around us. These little probers used regular household items like sugar, shampoo, lemon, turmeric to conduct their experiments. They were fascinated and amazed by the experiments and the unseen science behind them.


Madhubani is one of the many famous Indian art forms. It is generally characterized by complex geometrical patterns. The children learnt to make coasters, lord Krishna figures and many different kinds of things. They enjoyed learning this unique art form at the Kunskamp.


A recent study has found that children have greater energy levels than a well trained adult athlete.The best way to channelise their energies is to indulge them into sports and what is better than aerobics and basketball. The energetic little athletes indulged in various exercises like speed walking, chasing and running,aerobic dancing,high and low jumps,fun games,puzzle solving games.Basketball was another attraction for the children, they learnt the ladder drill and the skills of dribbling, passing, shooting.There are numerous health benefits for children from regular exercise and therefore they should be encouraged to take part in sports and all forms of physical exercise.


Stories play an essential role in the growth and development of the child. It not only boosts their speaking and listening skills but also helps them develop their thinking and language skills which further helps in communication and social interactions. The children at the Kunskamp were enchanted by a series of handpicked stories like, The polar bear and the cloud, The little red hen,The snail and the cherry tree, How the lion got his stripes and many more. The children thoroughly enjoyed the story sessions.


Glass painting is one of the most popular forms of visual arts, it is a perfect blend of fine and folk art. It enhances a unique combination of artistic skills, colour and imagination. Colours play a very important part in boosting a child’s creativity and help develop their cognitive abilities. The children at the Kunskamp painted beautiful and colourful glass paintings. The children benefited by learning the skill of perseverance and patience.


The last day at Kunskamp was full of fun and frolic. There was music, drama and lots more. As part of the closing ceremony the children took to the stage and presented their learnings to their parents. Mohammad, a student of grade 9 enthralled the audience with his monologue.The little scientist showed some brilliant experiments and could also explain the science behind it. The little musicians sang, ‘We are the world and Do Re mi beautifully. Not just this, the storytellers enraptured the audience with their stories. The emerging artist proudly showcased their pots and glass paintings to their parents. The little chefs were also given a recipe book as a token memory. Kunskamp 2022 was a gamut of activities for not only the children studying in Kunskapsskolan but also for students from different schools. The ten day extravaganza culminated on the 3rd of June with happiness and joy.