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New Students Withdrawal- Refund of Fee on Withdrawal of Admission

(Policy for the year 2022-23)

If any admission is confirmed and initial payments are paid but ward withdraws before start of the session then Administrative charges will be levied. Such administrative charges shall be adjusted from the Admission fees collected and then balance including security deposit will be refunded. (One month notice for Security Deposit is not required here)


  • The students, who have deposited the fee at the time of admission and subsequently withdraws, shall be required to make an application in the prescribed form to the Head of School.

  • In case the fee is paid and admission is withdrawn before 15th March 2023, the student shall be refunded the entire received after deducting Rs. 40,000/- towards administrative charges.
  • In case the fee is paid and admission is withdrawn after 15th March 2023 and before the commencement of school session, the student shall forfeit the admission fees and will be refunded the balance received.

  • In case the withdrawal application is made after commencement of the session/classes, the fee paid for the quarter shall be forfeited and only the security deposit received at the time of admission shall be refunded.

  • The refund shall be made within 2 months from the date of receiving the withdrawal application and submission of all relevant documents.
  • The school shall send the refund cheques after proper verification and checking for onward delivery to the applicant.

Cancellation and Return Policy

Since the website www.ked.edu.in does not offer any tangible product for sale, and only offers an Online Registration Service, the fees of which a user is expected to willingly pay after reviewing the respective school’s website, its facilities, fees and applicable terms and conditions, there is no provision for cancellation of the registration once the fees is paid. You are free to abandon your child’s registration at any stage during the admission process, however, no requests for returns/refunds of the registration fees shall be entertained.

Existing Student Withdrawal Policy

Below provisions shall be applicable to the existing students i.e. students who are currently studying in the school.

Any student seeking withdrawal prior to the start of the session or during the session needs to fill and submit a withdrawal application form to the Admission Team. The said form has to be submitted one month in advance as one month’s notice is mandatory for withdrawing the child for refund of the security deposit. Request for withdrawal not made as per the specified period will lead to forfeiture of the entire security amount. Students whose fee remains unpaid in full/part will not be given access to Learning Portal, EDS and Transport. Additionally, no Transfer Certificate, or recommendations to future schools will be issued until all outstanding dues are cleared.