Tools that empower a KED student

Tools that empower a KED student

By Adish Singh Grade 11 Cambridge As & A levels

Base group sessions are essentially our first session of the day, and help set the tone towards a more collaborative and goal oriented learning environment.

In senior grades, our base group sessions are structured around the exchange of news. We discuss our opinions, which improves both our teamwork skills and public speaking skills. Every student’s voice is heard and no one is judged for their opinion. This way, I feel that we are groomed to be international citizens who will actively take part in societal affairs.

Creating goals for yourself is what I personally believe to be one of the key central aspects in the KED learning system, and it is in the base group sessions that we plan our daily working goals in our logbooks.

The logbook, a simple yet effective tool for us to keep track of our goals, is at its core a guide we use to navigate through our time as students. It helps us utilize the KED exclusive workshop sessions we are given, by planning our working goals for the day, for the entire week, and our long term goals.

Every week, there are one-on-one sessions we have with our base-group coach where we discuss our weekly goals and strategies. This list of goals is planned every Monday morning, and as goals are achieved in what we set as their order of priority, we can simply tick them off our logbook. In my opinion, this way we can receive a more detailed view of our progress and are empowered to take ownership of our learning. This tool helps us develop our time management and planning skills.

Not limited to just goal planning, we also pen down our reflections in the logbook at the end of every day. This writing down of our thoughts helps us analyse the actions that transpired, and catalyses the process of self-development. With the positive power of self-contemplation, I believe we can shape ourselves into the people we want to become.

Thank you.