Teachers Training
Teacher's Training Taken By Date Attended By
Ked programme Mats Rosen May’2017 All teachers
Teaching and Learning pedagogy Ms.Sunita Nambiar May’2017 All teachers
Different types of learners and strategies Ms.Sunita Nambiar May’2017 All teachers
Feedback and feed forward Ms.Sunita Nambiar May’2017 All teachers
Ateendence and leave policy Anamika June’2017 All teachers
Teacher sensitization Jaceleen 1-Aug All teachers
Different Ked tools and student in core Upma Oct-17 All teachers
Your voice is your child’s inner voice Jaceleen Dec-17 All teachers
Saftey and security(evacuation plan) Guruprasad Feb-18 All teachers
Ked programm and teaching pedagogy Kiki jernehem May’2018 All teachers
Ked and integration in theme subjects Prabhjot kaur Sawhney Jun-18 All teachers
Logbook and its usage Upma July 2018 All teachers
CBSE and NCF integration Tamoshi Ghosh Aug-18 All teachers
Workshop session Kiki jernehem Oct-18 All teachers
Personal coaching Upma Nov-18 All teachers
Emotinal Regulation among children Jaceleen Dec-18 All teachers
Reflection session Upma Jan-19 All teachers
Instructional practices Tamoshi May-19 All teachers
Step and theme subjects Anaa May-19 All teachers
Teaching and Learning pedagogy Mats Rosan May-19 All teachers
Step subjects in Ked programm Upma Jun-19 All teachers
Goal setting Mats Rosan Jul-19 All Teachers
Uncaucious Biases Mr.Chaturvedi Aug-19 All Teachers
Professionalism Jaceleen Oct-19 All Teachers
Workshop session Upma Nov-19 All Teachers
Quality plan Analysis Ms. Sunita and Ramneek May-20 All Teachers
Teaching and assessment in cbse Ms.Ramneek May-20 All Teachers
Zoom training for online classes Ms.Suja May-20 All Teachers
Flipclasroom Ms.Jayeeta Jun-20 All Teachers
Art integrated learning in all subjects Ketki and prabhjot Jul-20 All Teachers
Online teaching and learning tools Pooja and Deepti Jul-20 All Teachers
Differentiated teaching and instructions Upma Aug-20 All Teachers


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