Kunskapsskolan India

Imagine the typical school from 10, 50 or even 100 years ago: a building divided into classrooms, all connected with dead space of corridors and hallways. The teaching staff allocated to classrooms. One teacher isolated in each room, struggling to find a level of teaching that is neither too high nor too low and at the same time trying to find some time for personalized tutoring for those who need it most. Students divided into groups of some 20-30, each group constituting a class unit separated from the others.

Traditionally, the equation of education starts with the building and ends with the student. That “tradition” can be turned on its head: start with the student, not some statistical average of a student, but the individual student with all of her individual ambitions and needs, set the goals and decide on the optimal strategies to reach them, dedicate a teacher to her as a personal learning coach, supporting the student in every step to reach her goals, develop the material, the infrastructure and the processes supporting the learning, design the facilities, not only for standardized teaching but for personalized learning, leverage on all the opportunities for personalized support, real time feedback and access to best practices provided by modern technology.

That is education for the 21st century. That is philosophy behind the KED program.