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Best International School in Lucknow

Kunskapsskolan Lucknow is one of the top CBSE Schools in Lucknow. We believe that each child is born unique and has a distinctive way of learning. It is uncommon that every child’s pace of learning and grasping ability is the same. They are all different, and that difference is valued here. The cornerstone in our pedagogical model (The KED-program) is progression for each student at the student’s own pace and according to the ambitions of the individual student.

The children of today are the global generation, they have to master a globalized approach with a local perspective. Their success not only depends on language and cross-cultural skills, they must also learn how to collaborate, communicate, understand, explain, explore and discuss-all of which Kunskapsskolan Lucknow provides students a platform for. 

The essence of what Kunskapsskolan Lucknow wants to achieve is captured by the following opportunities that are provided to the students

In this context, Kunskapsskolan Lucknow offers a truly international education, where students and teachers learn to collaborate, share content and make friends in other parts of the world. The school gives the students the real-life experience of studying and working in a modern, globalized world.

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Kunskapsskolan Lucknow School Campus Address

Sector-A, Pocket-1, Behind Medanta Awadh hospital, Ansal Sushant Golf City,
Shaheed Path, Lucknow – 226030

Phone: 07234930000, 07234950000


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07234930000 - 07234950000


Kunskapsskolan Lucknow

Sector-A, Pocket-1, Behind Medanta Awadh hospital, Ansal Sushant Golf City

Kunskapsskolan – A chain of International Schools in India.

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Sr. No.NamePositionHouse
1.Raghav GuptaHead Boy 
2.Malvika GaurHead Girl 
3.Evaan KashyapSports Captain 
4.Tanvi MansinghVice Sports Captain 
5.Nikhita YadavStudent Representative 
6.Sharanya SaranStudent Representative 
7.Ashulya Singh SengarStudent Representative 
8.Arhaan Ali ZaidiStudent Editor 
9.Parinika AgarwalStudent Editor 
10.Srota ShankerHouse CaptainPHOENIX
11.Shanvi AgarwalVice House CaptainPHOENIX
12.Prajjwal SinghHouse CaptainORION
13.Adya PundhirVice House CaptainORION
14.Arindum AgarwalHouse CaptainCYGNUS
15.Navya YadavVice House CaptainCYGNUS
16.Shaurya Pratap SinghHouse CaptainPEGASUS
17.Riddhima GaurVice House CaptainPEGASUS

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A Day at Kunskapsskolan

A typical day at Kunskapsskolan School is exciting and challenging. At Kunskapsskolan School, students start their day with their base group and coach. The base group session begins with listening to and observing the daily news. This is followed by guidelines from the teacher to help students create their own personal time plan which ensures optimal utilization of time to achieve students’ personal and academic goals.

During the day students attend diverse teaching learning sessions such as workshops, lectures, seminars, communication sessions and lab sessions. Each of these sessions is aimed at supporting and mentoring students. While some sessions such as the lectures, lab sessions and seminars are largely teacher directed, workshops and communication sessions are guided by the needs of the students. Workshops are sessions wherein students receive targeted help from subject teachers. The student get individual or group help on starting a course or learning skills.

The lab sessions are interactive sessions providing students opportunity to explore and apply their learning in real life situations. Communication sessions held regularly help to enhance the ability of students to express with clarity, develop listening and comprehension skills and vocabulary.

These academic sessions are interspersed with co curricular sessions such as art, music, dance and diverse sports, providing the environment for holistic development of the student.

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