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Kunskapsskolan Lucknow is one of the leading Secondary School in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. We believe that each child is born unique and has a distinctive way of learning. It is uncommon that every child’s pace of learning and grasping ability is the same. They are all different! And that difference is valued here! The cornerstone in our pedagogical model (The KED-program) is progression for each student at the student’s own pace and according to the ambitions of the individual student.

A concept to take globalization one step further with a local perspective is the need of the hour where organizations with a global strategy and operations also rely heavily on strong local relations. Children in today’s schools have to master this global and local world. They are the global generation. Their success not only depends on language and cross-cultural skills – they must also learn how to collaborate, communicate, understand, explain, explore and discuss. The essence of what we want to achieve is captured by the following opportunities that are provided to the students:

  • To study the content and curriculum of their National School Board (CBSE), the strength of which is clearly demonstrated by India’s current intellectual capital pool.
  • To broaden their horizon, strengthen their motivation and increase critical thinking and team – building skills through collaborative learning and active exchange of ideas across borders.
  • To influence their own progress and ultimate academic achievements. Together with their personal coach, students develop ownership of their learning by setting personal daily, weekly and yearly goals.
  • To develop strategies for each subject and topic, enabling students to accomplish their goals.
  • To gain a wide breadth of exposure by pursuing a structured curriculum for co-curricular activities and interests, including sports for their all-round development.

In this context, Kunskapsskolan offers a truly international education, where students and teachers learn to collaborate, share content and make friends in other parts of the world. The school gives the students the real-life experience of studying and working in a modern, globalized world.

Kunskapsskolan´s professional teachers also participate as discipline or methodology specialists serving the entire network of schools. This emphasis on applied research and development in schooling is unique. Pedagogical development in most countries tend to focus on either academic research – distant from application in real schools – or daily development of methodology – performed by individual teachers or schools, but never replicated.

The school as most of us know it, was an invention of the late 19th century. It was created to provide a skilled workforce for the new society. Today’s school should prepare for a different world: Personal responsibility and collaboration, globalization, technology and a career of lifelong learning.

Children who are given the opportunity to experience this education will not only learn more, but will also leave school as empowered and confident human beings — better equipped to take on the challenges and responsibilities of universities and a working life.

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Kunskapsskolan Lucknow
Kunskapsskolan Lucknow School Campus Address
Sector-A, Pocket-1, Behind Medanta Awadh hospital, Ansal Sushant Golf City, Shaheed Path, Lucknow - 226030.
Phone: 07234930000, 07234950000
E-mail: info.lucknow@ked.edu.in

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