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Ownership Structure

Kunskapsskolan Eduventures is a joint venture between Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden AB and Gyandarshan Eduventures Private Limited.

Kunskapsskolan Eduventures develops and provides Kunskapsskolan’s offer and services in India. Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden AB is a private company owned by Peje Emilsson, his family and companies and Kunskapsskolan management.

 Kunskapsskolan Sweden

Kunskapsskolan owns and operates 29 secondary and 7 upper secondary schools in Sweden with a total of more than 13,000 students (2018). The Swedish head office provides all schools with shared services for real estate, IT, finance, marketing, communication and educational development.

Kunskapsskolan delivers vocational training in Sweden under the brand name SkillEd to help adults acquire the competence that our corporate partners are looking for www.kunskapsskolan.se.

Kunskapsskolan India

There are currently four schools in India completely operated on the KED Program with a total of 3,000 students (2018). The first one, Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon, opened in 2013 and is situated close to the capital New Delhi. It operates all grades from pre-primary level up to grade 12. In the same city, you find Kunskapsskolan International, similarly building a future ready generation through personalized learning and life skills. Kunskapsskolan has two more schools in Lucknow and Bangalore. Starting at pre-primary level, they will cover all grades up to 12 when built to full capacity, offering CBSE curriculum.

Kunskapsskolan also works with KED Network schools in India that in various ways adopt the KED Program and its different tools such as the Learning Portal.

The KED Program is used for vocational training in India through the joint venture company Kedman.

Kunskapsskolan Nederland

Kunskapsskolan Nederland supports schools in achieving their ambition to structurally realize personalized education to challenge every individual student to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. In a feasible and affordable way, inspired by the KED vision and principles.

Approximately 60 (2018) Dutch schools that work with the KED Program are part of the public domain formulating their own educational promise towards students and parents. They are eager to include the Kunskapsskolan personalized way of learning according to the KED Program. Kunskapsskolan Nederland provides these schools with the KED Program and the Learning Portal, in effect offering the structure, tools, knowledge and experience to help them realize the learning environment they seek a partnership that makes it possible for approximately 10,000 Dutch students and 2,000 teachers (2018) to experience the KED Program in real life.

Kunskapsskolan Middle East

KED has been selected as the preferred academic sponsor of the newly opened school Nün Academy, Kunskapsskolan Jeddah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. In addition, KED is developing a complete curriculum for independent schools in the Middle East, provided through KED’s distinguished online Learning Portal platform tailored for local curricular requirements.

Kunskapsskolan UK

Schools in UK are being supported by Kunskapsskolan through the KED Program’s student centered, highly personalised approach to education, pioneered in Sweden and now used across the world. Currently, about 20 schools in the UK are committed to developing their teaching and learning based on the KED approach and are actively involved in the wider KED Network.

Kunskapsskolan USA

The Great Oaks Foundation (GO) and KED have established a partnership to provide the Swedish organisation’s innovative methodology to the students at the Great Oaks Charter School in New York City. This school occupies a facility that Kunskapsskolan built specifically for the delivery of its student-centered program.

“Several years ago, I visited one of Kunskapsskolan’s schools in London,” said Michael Thomas Duffy, the President of the Great Oaks Foundation, “and was deeply impressed by the student-centered program that I saw.”



Kunskapasskolan South Africa South Africa

On a nonprofit basis, KED provides support to Bajabulile Primary School in the Mamelodi township outside Pretoria in South Africa. The school has about 1,300 students aged 3 to 13. The support includes guidance in how to develop teaching and learning based on the acclaimed KED methodology and through regular contact with colleagues in the KED Network.


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Kunskapsskolan Campuses


Kunskapsskolan – A chain of International Schools in India.

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A Day at Kunskapsskolan

A typical day at Kunskapsskolan School is exciting and challenging. At Kunskapsskolan School, students start their day with their base group and coach. The base group session begins with listening to and observing the daily news. This is followed by guidelines from the teacher to help students create their own personal time plan which ensures optimal utilization of time to achieve students’ personal and academic goals.

During the day students attend diverse teaching learning sessions such as workshops, lectures, seminars, communication sessions and lab sessions. Each of these sessions is aimed at supporting and mentoring students. While some sessions such as the lectures, lab sessions and seminars are largely teacher directed, workshops and communication sessions are guided by the needs of the students. Workshops are sessions wherein students receive targeted help from subject teachers. The student get individual or group help on starting a course or learning skills.

The lab sessions are interactive sessions providing students opportunity to explore and apply their learning in real life situations. Communication sessions held regularly help to enhance the ability of students to express with clarity, develop listening and comprehension skills and vocabulary.

These academic sessions are interspersed with co curricular sessions such as art, music, dance and diverse sports, providing the environment for holistic development of the student.


Kunskapsskolan is a global school where students will develop in an environment that nurtures them and their uniqueness. Exposure to the varied curriculums of Kunskapsskolan schools across the continents will provide the students with an enhanced and holistic view of the world they inhabit. The subjects and concepts taught at the various grades are aligned to the CBSE curriculum.

In Kunskapsskolan, all the subjects are organized in Steps and Themes. This challenges students to stretch their boundaries, construct a solid foundation of knowledge and skills.

Subjects that are required to be learnt sequentially and progressively are taught in steps. Math and languages are step subjects. The student moves from one step to the next, once he has mastered the previous requisite step. The students understanding of the concept is assessed through presentations and projects.

The thematic courses integrate subjects. EVS, Arts and Computers are theme courses and organized around projects and missions (assignments). They are solved or carried out by using and applying what the student has learned and demonstrate the ability to use logical thinking and creativity to solve problems.

At preschool the focus is on the different skills that children develop at this age group. The curriculum is theme based with emphasis on developing the language, numeracy, cognitive, socio emotional and motor skills. The learning will be fun filled, activity based and learner centered, strongly influenced by an understanding of early childhood learning.

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