School Management Committee

Kunskapsskolan International have a School Management Committee with a total member of 10 candidates which includes Chairman, Board of director, CEO, Head of school, Educationist member, Parent representative and Teacher representative. The School management meeting is held thrice every academic year.

Sr. No. Name Designation Image
1. Prashant Bhalla Chairman
2. Madan Kathuria Member Educationist
3. Mr. Jaipal Singh Principal, KV, Air Force Station Sector 14
Mr Jaipal Singh
4. Ms Shuchita Kaushal Principal, KV, National Security Guard, Manesar
Ms Shuchita Kaushal
5. Ms. Dhriti Malhotra Educationist, Principal
Ms. Dhriti Malhotra
6. Ms. Sanyogita Sharma Educationist, Director
Ms. Sanyogita Sharma
7. Rupa Chauhan Member Secretary
Rupa Chauhan
8. Ms. Aditi Malhotra Parent Member
Ms. Aditi Malhotra
9. Ms. Shabana David Parent Member
Ms. Shabana David
10. Ramanjit Kaur Teacher Member
Ramanjit Kaur
11. Ashlesha Katoch Teacher Member
Ashlesha Katoch
12. Kunal Bhaddoo Special Invite
Kunal Bhaddoo
13. Sunitha Nambiar CEO
Sunitha Nambiar


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