Qualified Teachers
Sr. No. Name Designation Department Experience In Teaching Highest Qualification (Professional) Image
1. Rupa Chauhan Head of school Academic 27 Years M.A (English), M.Sc. Zoology, B.Ed., B.Sc. (Home Science Honors specialzation in child development), Computer Science Rupa Chauhan
2. Ramanjit Kaur Khinda Headmistress Academic 12 Years MBA, MA (Pol Science), B.Ed.(Social Studies & English)BA (Honors) Ramanjit Kaur Khinda
3. Shimona Chaudhary Teacher PPT 2 Months B.A Shimona Chaudhary
4. Sudeepa Bose Teacher Pre-Primary 7 Years M.B.A
5. Geet Anjali Team Lead Grade 6 – 8 (TGT) Secondary 15 Years  M.A (History), B.Ed., Masters in Applied Psychology, Bachelors in Psychology (Honors) Geet Anjali
6. Manasie Ahluwalia Team Lead Cambridge Grade 9-11 (PGT) Senior Secondary 8 Years BA Hons English, M.A English,B.Ed, Diploma in Communication
7. Deepika Dembla Team Lead Grade 3-5 (PRT) Primary 7 Years M.Sc. (Maths with Computer Applicatins), B.Ed. (Maths, Science),B.Sc. PCM (Honors in Mathematics)
8. Sanjay Mohanty Team Lead Sports and Life Skills Academic 7 Years BPED, NIS
9. Rachna Malhotra TGT Secondary 28 Years BA (Hindi Honors),MA (Hindi), B.Ed
10. Simrit Kaur TGT Secondary 10 Years M Phil. Computer Science, M.CA, B.CA
11. Kirti Sharma TGT Secondary 4 Years 5 months Graduation in General Sciences, Masters Biology-Chemistry, B.Ed, ASA Level Certified.
12. Vaishali Verma Teacher Pre-Primary 5 Years B.Ed Vaishali Verma
13. Nandita Rawal Teacher PRT 1 Month B.Sc (Home Science) Nandita Rawal
14. Anukriti Agarwal TGT Secondary 5 Years M.Phil.(English), M.A. (English), B.A. Hons (English), 2019-20 Fulbright Fellow at Yale University Anukriti Agarwal
15. Pia Chandra TGT Secondary 11 Years M.Sc(Chemistry),B.sc(Hons),B.ed Pia Chandra
15. Abhishek Singh TGT Secondary 4 years 10 months B.Sc(Hons.), M.Sc(Math),B.Ed,B.Sc(PCM) pursuing,CTET-1,2,HTET-2,ARMY TET-2 Abhishek Singh
16. Gopal Pathak Teacher PRT 4 Years B.Ped Gopal Pathak
17. Kanika Deep Arneja TGT Secondary 10 Years 10 months P.G Diploma in New Media Design(PGDPD), Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (B.F.A) Kanika Deep Arneja
19. Pratichee Sharma TGT Secondary 7 Years B.A(Pass) B.Ed.(Hindi,Music) Pratichee Sharma
20. Rupkatha Chaudhuri TGT Primary 4 Years BA (English),B.Ed, PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication, Diploma in Public Relations. Rupkatha Chaudhuri
21. Vidhi Khurana TGT Primary 4 Years M.Sc. Maths, PGDBM (Finance & Marketing), B.Sc. Maths,B.Ed. Vidhi Khurana
22. Renu Singh PRT Primary 4 Years BA (History Honors), B.Ed. (SSt, Hindi) Renu Singh
23. Kalpana Hariharan PRT Primary 11 Years B.Ed., NTT, M.A., B.A, PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management and Public relations respectively Kalpana Hariharan
24. Anima Singh Teacher PRT 5 Years M.Ed Anima Singh
25. Neha Gaur PRT Primary 8 Years MA,Ba(Hons), B.Ed Neha Gaur
26. Smriti Khanna PRT Primary 1 Year 9 Months B.Ed English,Social Science, PGDLT from IAAT, B.A (Pass) Econimics, Political Science, NIIT (Diploma in Computers) Smriti Khanna
27. Surashmi Tripathi Teacher PRT 4 Years M.Sc Surashmi Tripathi
28. Shyna Singh Co-Teacher PRT 3 Months M.Ed Shyna Singh
29. Shashi Prabha PRT Primary 1 Year B.A, B.ED Nupur Sood
30. Akshita Elishiba PRT Primary 1 year 3 months M. com, B. com, B.Ed Akshita Elishiba
31. Megha Bhatia Teacher PRT 1 Year B.Ed Megha Bhatia
32. Nimisha Parihar PGT Computer Science/ ICT 13 Years M.C.A Nimisha Parihar
33. Sondeep Kaur PRT Primary 1 year 11 months B.Sc(hons.)Physics ,B.ed ; M.ed (Pursuing) Sondeep Kaur
34. Megha Saraf PRT Primary 2 Years and 11 Months MCA, B.ed, BCA, CTET(1) Megha Saraf
35. Nitika Bansal PRT Primary 5 Years MSc(biotech), B.Ed Nitika Bansal
36. Upasana Sharma PPT Pre-Primary 7 Years MBA (HR), B.com, B.Ed Upasana Sharma
37. Priyanka Kapur PGT German Facilitator 5 Years B.A (English) Priyanka Kapur
38. Ashish Gambhir PGT Mathematics 10 Years B.Ed
39. Abhishek Sur TGT English 5 Years 9 Months M.A(Arts) Abhishek Sur
40. Rachna Srivastava PPT Pre-Primary 3.6 Years B.Com (Hons) Rachna Srivastava
41. Ruchika Sharma Teacher PRT 14 Years M.Com Ruchika Sharma
42. COL PRAMUKH KUMAR Head Admin Admin 30 Years B.Tech Col Pramukh Kumar
43. Vandana Visual Arts Facilitator Fine Arts Department 2.5 Years MFA in Fine Art, MA in English, Three year Diploma in Fine Art, BA with Fine Art Vandana
44. Moksha Bhatnagar Wellness Teacher and School Counselor Academic 9 Years MA (Applie Moksha Bhatnagar
45. Shailaja Raghavendra University Guidance Counsellor and Special Educator Academic 15 Years Masters of Counseling & Psychotherapy, BA English Literature & Psychology, Certification – LD & ASD, License for special need Shailaja Raghavendra
46. Kirti Yadav Occupational Therapist Academic 12 Years Master’s in Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy,Certificate in Manual Therapy, Certificate in Dry Needling, Pursuing B.Ed.(Biological Science, Physical Science). Kirti Yadav
47. Surender Kumar PE Teacher Sports 7 Years B.Sc. Physical Education Surender Kumar
48. Rajesh Choudhary Swimming Coach Sports 4 Years BPe, B.PED Rajesh Choudhary
49. Manish Sewaliya Dance Teacher Performing Arts 10 Years B.A, Dance Certificate Programs (Zumba,Jazz) Manish Sewaliya
50. Pratiksha Priya Dance Teacher Performing Arts 2 Years Graduate Pratiksha Priya
51. Vir Bhadra Bhardwaj Music Teacher Performing Arts 5 Years M Phil. Music, MA Music Hons, BA Music Hons,Grade 8 Voilin Vir Bhadra Bhardwaj
52. Advin Fernandez Music teacher Performing Arts 12 Years MA(English), BSc.(Maths), Trinity College London Guitar Grade-3, Rockschool London Bass-Guitar Grade-5. Advin Fernandez
53. Kawaljeet Kaur Early Years Coordinator Administration 6 Years B.ed & M.B.A Kawaljeet Kaur
54. Rekha Khandelwal Librarian Library 6.4 Years B.Lib,MA(History), MA (Hindi), B.Ed Rekha Khandelwal
55. Rajan Arora Robotics Trainer Lifeskills 3 Years B.Tech Rajan Arora
56. Priyanka Sharma HR Administration 4 Years MBA in HR, B.Com. Honors Priyanka Sharma
57. Vandana Sharma TGT SECONDARY 4 Years M.sc Chemistry Vandana Sharma
58. Sumi T. S. Staff Nurse Administration 5 Years Bachelor of Science in Nursing Sumi T. S.
59. Sulana Maria Araujo Manager, Admissions Administration Admin IHM/Business Admin -Level 2 Sulana Maria Araujo
60. Nitika Sharma Assistant Day Care Academics 3 Years Bsc Economic Hns. Nitika Sharma
61. Sunil Kumar Singh Deputy Administrative Officer Administration Admin Graduate Sunil Kumar Singh
62. Jyoti Bhadri PRT Primary 5 Years Post Graduation Jyoti Bhadri
63. Deepak Verma IT Executive Administration Admin B.Tech Deepak Verma
64. Pawan Kumar Lab Incharge Administration Admin B.Sc Biotechnology, Pursuing B.ed Pawan Kumar
65. Laxman Dayma Facility Supervisor Administration Admin B.B.A, MBA( HR & Finance) Laxman Dayma
66. Niharika PPT Pre-Primary 6 Years M.A Niharika
67. Apoorva Darbari Front Office Executive Admin 8 Years Post Graduation in Photojournalism and visual communications Apoorva Darbari
68. Prashansha Rajbanshi PRT PRIMARY 4 Years B.A (English hns.) Prashansha Rajbanshi
69. Dipti Dawar PRT Primary 7 Years B.Ed Dipti Dawar
70. Manvi G Ahuja PPT Pre-Primary 2 Years M.B.A Manvi G Ahuja
71. Nimmi Kumari Co-Teacher Pre-Primary 2 Years CTET Qualified Nimmi Kumari
72. Manisha Bhanot Day Care Assistant Non Teaching 6 Months B.Ed Manisha Bhanot
73. Apoorva Saxena Co Teacher Pre Primary 5 Years B.Ed Apoorva Saxena


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